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Tyre lettering

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Should I paint my tyre lettering white? iv got firestones which look like this:


although not Goodyears i think i may give it a go. see how it looks.

Whats peoples opinions?

im sure there have been a few NA's out there that have had the treatment seem to remember pictures from some motor show of an s3 s3 turbo and an excel all in blue with white lettering on the tyres.

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done mine, I think they look great, they do fade using the pens and sometimes they crack, just do the main name and balance it out on the other side with what ever is opposite. Makes the car look mean. One shot is taken with a fisheye lens.

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Now thats what im talking about!

Looks real nice. I think i may well give it a go. I can get hold of some nasty evil white... usualy used for defacing trains and bus stops so hopefuly it wont fade or flake of too quickly. Think my tyres say Firestone on side and Firehawk on the oposing part of the tyre so should balance quite nicely.

Thanks for the comments on the car. It doesnt look like that now.. its got an odd coloured blob on the front lip spoiler where i had a fight with a hidden kerb. Had the hole filled in and smoothed over but finding the correct colour match is proving impossible. Think i will have to get the whole front lip re-sprayed soon. Note to self....Must be more careful!

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Wow Jon the car is looking absolutely stunning in that pic.

Personally I wouldn't do the white tyre paint given how often I have to redo mine on the Essex - practically every time I take it out - and it takes at least an hour... :thumbsup:

As Dave said, the white paint cracks and starts looking a bit shabby up close - but if your paint is any good please do let me know.

If you don't mind redoing often then go for it - once done they look fantastic

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do you guys take the wheels off when lettering? My pen does not work well vertically... :thumbsup:



'88 Excel SE - monaco white

'99 Elise 111 - azure blue �

'87 TurboEsprit - calypso red

'02 BMW 325ci convertible - diamond black


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Cheers for the feedback fellas! i think i may give it a try when i get the car back. I shall see which of my Pens has the most stubborn ink and best control. there are a few good options around and all of which work well verticaly aswell so i shall be sure to give you my feedback.

Im not too fussed with redoing it every so often... I dont mind doing little things here and there... Its just the expensive ones i hate!

Barry, When the snow has gone... if it ever does we should go for a spin i dont live to far away from your neck of the woods now.



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