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Exige versus Elise


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Hi Fellow Forumers

can anyone tell me the difference between these two vehicles as they look similar.

Furthermore ,if you were to buy one ,which would it be ?


Technically sound ...Theoretically poked !

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Hmmmm. good question. The main differences between the Exige and Elise are appearance and handling. The Exige's body modifications, including a fixed roof panel, sculpted engine cover, front-air splitter and rear wing, are intended to increase downforce at high speeds. At 100 mph, Lotus says that the Exige generates an additional 90 pounds of downforce (as opposed to the Elise at the same speed). The Exige also comes standard with the equipment found in the Elise's Sport Pack. This includes wider front tires, lightweight forged alloy wheels, barely legal Yokohama rubber, twin oil coolers and a stiffer sport suspension. For the true enthusiast, there's also a Track Pack that features an adjustable suspension.

hope that helps.

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To be honest, it's really cosmetic. You can easily apply every single difference to any elise to get the same performance. The downforce is largely token as 50kg's isn't going to transform you into a driving god (although granted it's better than nothing) and compare this to the S1 Exige that had over double the downforce.

It really depends which one you feel looks the best and how much you want to customise it. Out of the box the exige is faster but it's much closer after a few tweaks.

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Every Exige I have driven feels much tighter than any Elise.

The embiance inside is different too - even with the elise has it's lid up, the Exige feels darker more closed in for me - which affects my comfort in knowing whats around me.

The Elise is easy to see out of in most dirrections, rightly or wrongly the Exige didn't fill me with that kinda confidence so I was always warry of making any rash manouvers (bit like the Esprit in that manner)

If I had the cash....ooh thats hard because they both appeal. Elise for open top driving and that awareness on the road. Exige becuase it's better handing car in my opinion.

I always said my fave was the 189hp Exige (std) so I'll go with that, the supercharged one was a bit nuts for me, felt a bit too much for the car/driver...OK for the track but perhaps the roads around here didn't suit that constant rush of accelleration. Not driven the SC Elise

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Lotus have also blurred it by putting the supercharger in the Elise SC; the Jim Clark Type 25 Elise SC also has the Exige suspension and rubber so is essentially a soft-top Exige with a rear view. And you can do a roof conversion on the Exige so that you can use it open top - though still with a wing on the back. It's confusing I'll agree! Then factor in the Sports Racer versions, cars with Sport Pack and all the myriad aftermarket mods!

I drove the Exige S 220, Exige S Performance Pack 240 and Elise SC on back to back test drives for an hour each on the same cross-country roads I know well before I picked the SC. Ride and handling wise the Elise is more road biased and it is noticeable, particularly on bumpy and pot holed roads where the suspension is a bit more compliant and you can actually press on quicker than the Exige, which can judder and skip a bit on corrugations. Rear visibility is more limited in the Exige S because of the SC/IC and wing. I love the look of the Exige, hard top and wing, but the Elise open top and visibility plus road-biased setup suited my use. If you lean more towards track days and weather that suits the standard rubber, the Exige is awesome.

Basically you can make an Elise or Exige to the same spec, apart from the rear view.

I'd recommend driving "both" ... but actually there are multiple variants of each.

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My car started out as an Elise and over time has morffed into a wide body Exige....The Exige is much better I think, stronger bodywork with improved aero...... I never took the roof of when it was an Elise...I always thought it looks better with the top on.

I think it's fast enough…maybe

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Really down to whether you want a convertible or hardtop.

Exige wins on looks (for me) but if you want a soft top they look daft with roof off (IMHO)

S1 were a bit more different, if you wanted 190bhp & to be on first name terms with the AA man, then Exige was the obvious choice.

S1 Exiges have held their value very well

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