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3.0 Jaguar V6 Duratec in S3

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I still have the design for the adaptor on file i can nail it across if anyone ever wants it. I dont have the full size template anymore but ime sure someone could mock one up from the drawing i made as it was acurate and based on original Ford duratec drawings and Lotus bell housing drawings that i aquired.

Welcome back me cant wait for a new project

Everyone on here has made lots of progress. Watch this space im hopeing to fill it again soon.



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On 21/01/2010 at 19:12, wayneb911 said:

Took delivery of the new engine today. animier.gif Came complete as discussed with the company. So first things first will be to junk all the aircon stuff and any other bits that are not needed, stick em on ebay and got some money back.


As per Punky's thread i have aquired a mondeo sump and oil pick up. The big clean will start to make the engine look nice and shiny.


Will try and get soem pictures when i get out there latter for a sort out.


In the meantime while i have been waiting for the engine i have been designing tha adapter plate. So here it is. I have drawn the adapter in full scale and i am 99.99999% sure its acurate but wont know till i cut a sample and instal it. The adapter was made using technical data that i had managed to get hold of for the engine and existing gearbox.


For anyone else who would be planning this conversion i am happy to post a full scale drawing to them once i have tested it and am happy that it is correct. smile.gif



I could use this drawing, any chance of getting a workable one?


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