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CAD data or drawing for Esprit gearbox or 2.2 engine face? - Gearchange/Gearbox/Clutch - The Lotus Forums Jump to content

CAD data or drawing for Esprit gearbox or 2.2 engine face?

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Has anyone seen or got CAD data or a drawing of the bellhoucing or rear of the 2.2 engine? Since i am about to make another adapter plate i thought it would be easier to obtain this and the with the data from the duratec i can get a full scale drawing made of the adapter for ease. Also it will save me making lots of them again!!

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I originally approached Lotus for this and they were either unable or unwilling to give it to me.

However you already have it cast in aluminum in the form of a bell housing. You could either try tracing it out yourself or bolt some MDF to it, drill the holes out and cut around it to make a pattern or take the bell housing into a CAD engineering shop and get them to trace around it with a machine that will plot the coordinates into a computer, then overlay the coordinates from the Duratec drawing which you have and this would be the basis for your design.

Am I right in thinking you just got rid of an adapter plate that must of had the right bolt pattern for the gearbox,if so could you of not got it re-drilled for the duratec engine.

Or if like you said you are about to make another adapter plate would you not have this info already.

I'm not sure why you need a full scale drawing.A full scale prototype from MDF would be better as this enables you to very carefully and roughly bolt the units together and carefully drop them into position into the car enableing you to work on engine mounts, brackets and clearances for your ancillaries, and also helping you determine the thickness of the plate needed.


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I figured by having a full scale drawing i could simply take it to the machine shop and they could lay it out on the alloy and make the plate from that. SAve me making lots of MDF hula hoops again!! I still have the old MDF ons from the rover engine. The flywheel on the rover engine i believe was much larger so wouldnt have been acurate enough for the new engine. However i havent posted it yet so befor i do i could take a copy as the bolt holes are spot on.

As a recap am i right in saying that the input shaft sits directly in the middle of the bellhousing? If so i can get a friend to CAD the centre point when i pass him a pattern of the bolt holes.

Alot of my other adapter was guess work. Im confident it was okay as appeared it all lined up well but i dont want to take chances with this one. Was easy to plot the rover one as i had a bellhousing from the rover box to use as a template inside and out instead of playing around with the engine.

What thickness was your adapter by the way and could you have got away with it being thinner? Wonder of the flywheel will sit inside the gearbox to enable a bery thin plate this time maybe with studs?

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