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intercooler on v8

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It can be done, most of us have used air to water based intercoolers. I have yet to see anyone create an air to air although there are some on here that are working on that.

Read Mark T-C's thread/project: Here

I went air to water using a system very similar to Mark T-C's, I used 2 PWR barrel intercoolers which I got a nice 2 for 1 deal. The biggest change I would have made would be to go SS lines and connectors like Mark used, unfortunately my intercoolers had the push on connectors. I also pulled the EGR pipe and blocked off the valve under the plenum, and swapped the turbo to TB pipe layout. Rather than feeding the lines through the tunnel I opted to go easy and use a pair of SS pipes running along the underside of the car. I sourced and used the same exchanger core as Mark used.

Here are some bad (dark) pics of my setup, I have yet to finish the trunk section (filling the holes). My intention is to hide the coolers with a sheet of aluminum running flat against the slight angle of the trunk (follow the line from where the light switch is mounted by the overflow tank), then recarpet the whole trunk.

My link

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Has anyone done any dyno testing (before and after) to show these actually make a performance difference? I recall someone in SoCal offering to test the PBC system and if it worked he'd install one (at a premium price) but PBC declined.

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My previous chargecooled V8 made 430bhp on a dyno while running the Sport350 or hi-torque code. It made even more when we moved to running the Motec M800.

Adding some kind of charge control is not just about greater power output. The real benefit is dependable power. The standard engine is calibrated to produce 350bhp, however, it will not produce that output on a hot day or if running under high load for an extended period of time.


Mike S

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1999 S350 #002 Esprit GT1 replica

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I've seen few of liquid charged type intercooler for the Esprit but have not seen air to air intercooler.

Some said, its impossible.

I believed it can be done. I have a very good idea where to pick up the fresh air to cool the matrix. I will try to do the project this fall.

Currently, I also have liquid intercooler but too many things can go wrong. I want to simplify by putting air to air like F40 system. Air to air system is like a brick, no maintenance, no water to leak, no complex system, no long hoses, no water pump to die & no placement problem for the heat exchanger. They are effecient than the air to air though.

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it cant be that efficient -as the thermal calculations say water can compensate for more heat.. .

But I agree on less wheight and easyier handling. By the way, do you plan to use the lower 'engine bay' vent ducts in the rear sill ends to feed the fresh air into the cooler ??


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As I said, the air to air is not effecient as the water cooler....but they are simplier

and less something to go wrong.

"By the way, do you plan to use the lower 'engine bay' vent ducts in the rear sill ends to feed the fresh air into the cooler ?? "

Yes, at the back of the trunk space below. I need to push the fresh air with two low profile electric fans.

In addition, I plan to squirt the air to air matrix with fresh water to avoid heat soak.

Here is the picture of my new trunk that I made and where the cold air coming from.


When its done, I will have two spal low profile fans and water squirter to cool the air to air intercooler.

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