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Electronic throttle to manual?

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Just a query. If a engine is fitted with an electronic throttle how easy is it to fit a manual throttle body instead? I want a cable operated one which will be much simpler for my application

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Hi Wayne,

Im no electrics expert but would say it would be simpler to keep it electric, the throttle pertenshiometer or however you spell it would be a pain to replace in my eyes, best bet is to see Hilly as hes a bit of an electric guru and knows his stuff. That said the switch on the throttle pedal would not be that hard, you would need to get this of the car it came out of. regards danny


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I thought it would be far easier to just fit one that is cable operated. Punky has done this on his using the mondeo manifold and therefor i fugured it cant be that much of a job but i may be wrong.

HILLY................ Where are you hiding!!

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Most electronic throttles I've seen still hve throttle position sensor pentiometers so in theory you should be able to replace it fairly easily as long as the TPS is compatible.

However the only questionmark would be how the ECU would react to not seeing the throttle position reported.

For example, in the toyota elises with electronic throttles it has two pedal sensors mounted out of phase - if the resultant signal doesn't add up to 1 (give or take a very small margin) then it'll default to a crippled limp home mode.

If you are changing the ECU at the same time then obviously not a problem :lol:

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I will be running with an aftermarket ECU system so hopefully i can do that. Have tried searching the internet for answers but not had any joy.

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Here I am ..................

If you are not keeping your OEM engine ECU then it is MUCH less hassle to ditch the electronic throttle and fit a manual one.

The throttle currently fitted to your engine is operated by the OEM ECU, if you are not keeping it then you are a bit stuffed.

Your eventual chosen ECU may be able to handle an electronic throttle, but it is probably a bunch of hassle you don't need.

Swapping over is just a matter of finding one that will fit/similar size and adjusting the mounting hardware to make it all bolt together.

You will however need to make provision for a throttle position sensor on what ever you fit as that is an input required by the engine ECU.


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Knowledge is power .................... apparently.


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Thanks Hilly.

I have done plenty of research and using the Jaguar ECU is completeely out of the question. Its to dependant on other sensors in the vehicle. The problem is that when the vehicle starts it interacts with pretty much everything on the car. One of the companies who is a technical partner to who i work for did alot of work on this engine for one of their OEM's and after much work and trying to get into the Jaguar ECU they found that it would not run what they needed so they ditched it and went for aftermarket managment.

Have you any recommendations. I have spokent to someone who said the ST24 Throttle body should bolt straight on put its rather small so fancied something bigger. Do some throttle bodies also come with a throttle position switch attached. If not where would i relocate this?

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