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Have a look here

Nothing is rusted on my car (dry climate as well) so my metal pipe #50 was fine. Even the two hoses #49 were fine on my car after 21 years, though I replaced them anyways.

The main problems are all the clear tygon tubing in the evaporative emissions system. Especially where they were glued to the car. The glue rots the rubber. So replace all of those hoses above the tanks.

Other possible sources of the smell are:

1)the o-ring for the pump and the gasket for the sender

2)the hose from the charcoal canister to the intake manifold and the one-way valve

3)rusted tanks

4) the hose clamps on the filler neck tubes

5) charcoal canister or the hose to it from the evap system.


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Hi, I had a petrol smell in my cabin and once I took off the trim panels that sit either side of the engine (and provide the carpet that sits inside the rear quarter windows) I discovered and solved the problem. The fuel breather pipes were the original clear plastic type which are now 23 years old had broken, cracked and some had fallen off the carbon canister, the roll over value, the breather pipes that connect the two tanks and value. Someone else had replaced the long pipe that sits in a big u-shape between the two tanks that sits above the rear window,To fix I replaced all these pipes with proper fuel hoses needing three different sizes. Be careful not to drop anything in that well between the wall of the inner guard and the wall of the engine bay. I lost a 8mm spanner that was recovered by my mechanic! I did had a flexible long reach magnet to no avail... I was now able to drive teh car with the windows open and the sunroof open without getting a terrible fuel smell.

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