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Spider in my garage

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spiders have free range in our house.

Free toys for the cats to play with and eat then I guessing?

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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For any potential emigrators, thats got to be the best advert ever to stay away from Oz.

Just what i was thinking!


I don't like being hot, i don't like being in full sun, hence i don't like beaches or sunbathing.

But the killer bugs seal the deal for me!

And we have not covered the stuff they have in the bloody sea yet! "Ouch... where's my leg gone?"


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We get some interesting and unwanted house guests offshore Brazil as well. This one came out of a wooden packing case that we had sitting ashore for a while before being sent out. Apparently the 2 rats were 1st to emerge and moved like greased lightning. (eventually baited and found about 2 weeks later) While everybody was then sitting on edge of the crate laughing and recovering from the rat scare this thing slowly crept out and the crew were running around screaming like school girls before it was caught. I saw the CCTV recording and you would think they were on fire or something. Hilarious!


Purely to give a sense of scale here is one of my beautiful assistants modelling it. (We do feed them occasionally.)


I haven't a clue what it is and if dangerous or not, but it was kept in this perspex tank for about 3 or 4 days in the Drilling Office before I insisted it was disposed off one way or another. I believe we did a purely scientific experiment to see if spiders can swim 75 miles to land. Results are still awaited although I suspect a failure.

Edit: Boy that is impressive on a 27" i-Mac but I don't know why so big. Sorry. Still learning.

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