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PO208 Circuit malfunction Cylinder 8

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The above code came up, but some back ground info before hand.

Dont let Ferrari boys drive your motor :) -kidding, lambo owners are better - lol!! A very sharp quick gear change and dumping the clutch too quick gives a sharp jolt and twist in drive train feel, a few dash lights came on but then went away. He did the same thing again by mistake after I slapped him and this time, grrrrr - lights on dash and loss of power. Went to start, fully cranked but no spark. I then activated the fuel reset switch thinking it might have told a sensor it was in an accident from the sudden jolt to cut fuel and it fired up and drove fine = result.

But just fired up the car this morning to get some data from the ECU and see what the check engine light is. After after a few minutes warm up (still half cold) out side air temps a balmy 25 deg c, the 02, sensors were typical and flicking from lean to rich, but the fuel to calculate air/fuel system 1 & 2 was in closed loop. I thought when cold should be open loop mode calculating from coolant temps. Hmmmm The trim 1 reading -4% - 9% No.2 5.4% Can someone shed some light here. RED race chip in here also to take into consideration.

Anyway potential failure modes, connectors, wire open short circuit, relay, injector control/fault, ecm injector circuit failed. So I guess I could start with easy stuff like relays?

Any trouble shooting info would be grand.

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P02## (01-10) is for fuel injector issue (9 and 10 being secondary injectors) So you have an issue with #8 fuel injector. Could be loose connection or corrosion. Sometime the injector wiring plug gets removed and the rubber seal falls out, then the plug can wiggle and loosen the terminals and corrode. Have a look, hard to get at in the car as you will probably need to pull the intake manifold.

This code is also related to the inertia switch, so that could be why it was set when you had to reset the switch. Try clearing it then see if it comes back.


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does the code return, if you have the engine running and grab onto the main engine-harnes, right side of the engine bay ? The stock covering in linnen stuff isn't the best way to improve the cables insulation. Maybe there is some corrosion in the main part, that has now interferred with the spinning of the engine in its engine mounts ?

By the way -you're a lucky girl ! An fun run on 25°C ambient temperature... !?

ohh dear, the doors on the estate car -frozen. My nose -red.

...wish it would be here a little warmer outside.


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to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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Thanks Paul and Gunter, I wasnt going to delete the code until I get some more info, but ill try deleting it today and see if it comes back.


p.s Gunter yip weather been amazing here, today weather is not so good with a little rain, but been a great summer :-D

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