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Turbo SE : water gauge going crazy ?

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Hello everyone,

Been a while since I last posted, but I am still out there ! LOL ;-)

I need a little help with the water temperature gauge on the dashboard. Well, my friend's SE does anyway...

He just e-mailed me saying the needle started going crazy.. without detailling much what he meant exactly by that,

but I suspect he means the needle has erratic, violent, and sudden movements... in this respect then yes, "crazy" seems to fit the description quite well I suppose...

So, is there a common cause related to this problem ? Faulty sensor, faulty gauge (can they be repaired ?), or just a faulty wiring

(if so any common place where it might be located ?) ??

Any help welcome basically ! LOL

Also.. where the hell is the temp sensor located exactly ? The sender for the ECU is underneath the inlet manifold,

in the water jacket, but the sender for the dash gauge.. I can't seem to remember where it lives ! <ashamed>

The best I could find in the workshop manuals, is the water pipe that goes round the alternator (circled in green below),

which carries apparently no less than 3 water switches on carburetted cars.

But they don't say where is the sender for the dashboard gauge... or am I blind ?

All I know, from the electrical schematics, is that its wire is supposed to be green/blue.

But I would like accurate/reliable information before we start pulling things ! LOL

Thanks in advance for enlightening me...

As soon as we know for sure where is the sender, we could short its wire to ground.. if the needle still goes crazy, at least it would rule out the sender, that would be a start...

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Its in the pump - it's probably earthing itself or similar.

It only has 1 wire going to a brass sensor embedded in the pump body (behind the cams) - if it touches earth it'll read a high temperature, the sensor is resistive so you can test that as well with an ohm meter - sure it's about 250ohms at 80 degrees C and ~ 3kohms at cold

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Thanks Jon for the info, it did help a lot because... problem is now solved ! :P

It was simply the wire that got disconnected and got shorted randomly as it was banging against the engine.

I guess he didn't secure the wire enough, when he replaced his engine some time ago.

Thanks again for the help.

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