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My Esprit GT300 racer


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I purchased her last year and I have just finished a total restoration.

She was built by the Lotus Racing department in 1993 for Lotus Australia. According to invoices, the build cost was in excess of 200,000GBP.

She was shipped to Australia on flight QF2 together with two of the Lotus Race dept techs to race at Bathurts in the GT production category.

Since Sport 300's were not officially for sale in Australia at that time, after she landed, she was fitted with S4 panels and wheels. She raced in the Bathurst 12 hour driven by Larry Perkins who kept doing lap record after lap record until he broke her with 30minutes to go.

In 1994, Sport 300's were officially for sale in Australia, so she was returned to Sport300 look. She retained the rear S4 bumper, as well as the S4 interior door skins.

Brad Jones won the GTP championship that year with her.

She was built to basically the same specs as the LeMans entries, such as non-galvanised chassis, but with a few required mods. GTP rules didn't allow her to have fuel bladders, so normal tanks were retained. Also, the roof vented roof and bonnet panels were not allowed. She also has working electric windows and mirrors, as dictated by GTP rules (cars must be 'standard' production).

But the panels are so thin, they are almost flexible. The bonnet, roof and tailgate are very thin carbon fibre. The dash switches (hazards, parkers, etc) hide various add-ons such as over boost, gear box cooler activation, ABS on/off, etc.

I put her on a 500bhp hub dyno, and the dyno couldn't keep up with the quickness of her acceleration or the peak power. She has a 8,000rpm redline, and on 98octane fuel, we were achieving 444bhp at 6,000rpm, with a dead flat torque curve.

I haven't weighed her yet, but according to some of the techs that were involved with her, she's supposed to be 900kg dry.

I made her in the #44 LeMans livery as it makes her look her best.

She's an absolute animal to drive. Insanely quick, and LOUD. She only has a straight 6" dump pipe that shoots flames at every oportunity.

I am happy to answer any questions you guys may have.

Here are pics from a photoshoot I just did with her. Last two pics are phone camera, that's why the poor quality.









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Absolutely stunning racer.

That car is running a Motec M4Pro ECU, right?


Mike S

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1999 S350 #002 Esprit GT1 replica

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Haha beat me to it - it looks incredible !

It's essentially perfect, very good attention to detail (I've poured over the photos for years) - exactly how mine is supposed to look, there are the clear non-lemans bits on the car (ie bonnet grilles and oil cooler, roof vents) but in all honest I was going to leave these off as well.

Feel a bit glum now, someone go there 1st :(

Dunno if I can be bothered to finish mine now LOL

Anyways questions :

1) Are you planning to fit the flairs long the lower bodywork that extend the flair of the arch all the way to the sill - or is this a keeper as it is ?

2) Did you make the bespoke parts yourself ? ie cover for the light pod / lower spoiler / rear wing ?

3) What wheels are they ?

4) Decals or sprayed on ?

5) Any pics of the engine bay ?

I see the spoiler has been left in the 'functional' place - I've really ummed and arred about mine and its position on the car.

Might have to do #45 then :lol:

All in hats off to ya - it looks incredible, bet it's a monster to drive as well

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That is truly one of the best looking Esprits I've ever seen, do you have any interior pics, and do you drive her on the street?

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Andy, your other Esprit was always stunning but that really does trump any other Esprit I seen to date.

The Le Mans racers IMO have always been the most extreme form of an already agressive looking supercar. Wish I could find film of them raceing back in thx 90's - would love to have seen them in action.

Congrats on the project - a credit to you.

(almost makes me want to buy a plane ticket!). :lol:

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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You know what I think of it Andrei. It was spectacular enough before but that new paint is just too beautiful.

I can answer some of the earlier questions. Andrei does get it out on our roads and frighten the bej.... He generously let me have a drive and it is trully awesome. Really needs to be on a track to fully enjoy it.

I'm sure that when he does so it's going to surprise many exotic drivers. Especially those who tend to dismiss the Esprit all too readily.


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