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where can I order a 1993 left door?

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measurement link

ok..the problem I find with my car is

there may be a collision to the left door before as I never can open the left window anyway.

I notice a large gap at the door lock side (comparing to the right door)

I took the car today for a quotation on 'repainting the body to blue color'

and I took a measurement of the right door vs left door

it turns out the lengths are

the right door = 117.5cm

the left door = 117cm (this is why it shows a larger gap)

now, I believe the door is refitted with a 89-91 model door after an accident.

the car is ok in mechanical and I am happy.

I also expect minor damage to body after 13years old...

it's just upsetting to show how previous owner failed to do the right work on the car.

**other ONLY thing I found is the old rear suspensions, which need a replacement.

anyway, can any 1989-91 SE Turbo owner & 1992/1993HW owners measure their door's lengths so I can compare the data to confirm my conclusion is correct??


and by the way, anyone can sell me a 1992/93 (117.5cm length) door??

**I will probably post an ad. in LEW for 'part wanted'

P.S. I got a quotation of 'redoing the leather interior to white leather (HK$30000 or GBP2230) completely redo the whole thing including the back, the top roof, and the side panels, doors.....

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I have an 88 turbo and am doing work on the doors just now and am amazed at just how big the gaps round the door are , if anyone has an early stevens Esprit could you measure the door gaps for me as mine seem huge??? Thanks


Mark MacKenzie  Elise S2 135 Sport 

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From what we where told at the factory, the doors come out different sizes and work needs to be done to fit them. From what I gathered it's not a case of just bolting them on.

I'll give Lotus a shout and find out the full story.


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my Esprit was taken apart and repainted (red again) few years ago by the owner before the last one.

hopefully, it is common to have different size of doors..

then I just need to repaint my car instead of buying a new door.

but a 0.5cm different is quite ridiculous in a production car

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We have had a look at the door lengths and come up with the following

We measured 3 cars

Car 1

L/H door 117.2 cm [shut gaps (mm) - F 5.5. R 6.0]

R/H door 117.2 cm [shut gaps (mm) - F 6.0. R 6.5]

Car 2

L/H door 117.2 cm [shut gaps (mm) - F 6.0. R 5.5]

R/H door 117.2 cm [shut gaps (mm) - F 4.0. R 6.0]

Car 3

L/H door 117.2 cm [shut gaps (mm) - F 4.5. R 6.5]

R/H door 117.1 cm [shut gaps (mm) - F 5.0. R 6.5]

From these figures the typical door length (measured at middle of door) is

117.2 cm (fairly consistent)

Door gaps can vary from 4.5 mm to 6.5 mm

When cars are assembled the door is set to give even gap front and rear of


Hope this information helps.


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How how was the problem fixed?


91 SE


oh...I now understand the problem...and I have talked to part supplier, SJ sportscar, too.

(after KATO's test result on various Esprit)

I now choose to replace both doors to have an identical look in both side of the car.

I am sure my left door was damaged before after further inspection because the door frame is not very correct. (I can tell from the metal surrounding of the left window.

the door is not too expensive (acceptable price)

anyway, my priority is upgrade the mechanical parts first.

the door trouble will be solved at once when I repaint the car.

thx for all the help!

P.S. I will post the full informations of my Esprit's doors tomorrow when I have time to measure gaps.

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I have measured my doors carefully..

.......front gap / door length / rear gap

(right) 5mm / 117.4cm / 6mm

(left) 5mm / 117cm / 9mm

so the doors are same gap, just the door lenght is very different

I will try to replace the doors in a way to have identical look in both


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  • 1 year later...

update of my situation

as I learn more about the door size, I finally find out that the S4 & up models have the

117.5mm door length (above the waist line).

ok, so I know my 1993 High-Wing is using the S4 (& up) specification as it has more interior space.

Fortunately, Malcolm Holmes of has a used V8 door for sale.

after double checking the dimension, I have made the purchase and look forward to receive the door soon.

I cannot wait to replace the LEFT DOOR with the right part. I am very excited!

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