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Porsche to make expensive Elise?

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The 918 Spyder concept seems to have a few similarities to the Elise.

What do you think?

Judging by the price tag though it's aimed at a different market.





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1st look was - XJ220 meets the squishy machine.

Looks great from the top, crap from any other angle - more proof if any needed, that porsche forgot how to style cars long long ago.

Before even reading it was clear it was a re-do of the Carerra GT (I nearly got run over by one of those I'm proud to admit in Monaco)

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Isn't that their Hybrid spyder? Claims to do 78mpg!

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Mike Kimberly at the launch of the Lotus Evora,

"These cars will be for the few who know the difference!"

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Why have they left the clear plastic transit protectors on the wheels? hrhr.gif Did the PDI boy forget to remove them?

Seriously though, I wonder what they bring to the party? Surely not just for the brake cooling as nicer ways to achieve that.

A LEGS man and proud to declare it! Lotus Enthusiasts Group Scotland

Autocar's Best UK Drivers Car 2009. Car's Performance Car of the Year 2009; Evo's Car of the Year 2009. Top Gear Sports Car of the Year 2009

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I think we are sometimes guilty of putting our love of the Lotus brand ahead of common sense. While you may not like the look of it I don't think it is fair to compare this with an Elise.

What do they bring to the party...

"Geneva 2010: Porsche 918 Spyder

- 94mpg economy

- 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds

- 198mph top speed

Where do we start? The body is made from carbon fibre to save weight and the 918 Spyder uses petrol-electric hybrid power. The electric motors contribute 218bhp, with one each driving the front and rear wheels. There's also plug-in charging for the batteries, while the 3.4-litre V8 petrol engine comes from a Porsche racing car. Then there are the ceramic brakes, seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, different engine settings and even electric-only running.

Estimated release date: Sooner than you might think: possibly 2012.

Estimated cost: Don't expect change from £300,000"

That is quite a party in anybody's book.

I don't think it is a car for me with that price tag but I am excited that manufacturers are trying hard to solve the economy dilemma whilst still delivering high performance and hopefully great driving dynamics. Of course Lotus is also leading the way with the Evora 414E Hybrid so its all good news really.

And now I will take the consequences for my outburst. :(



EDIT: ...err having re-read the thread I think I may have jumped in a little too quickly. I see the 'party' comment was just referring to the wheels. Sorry.

Also I don't think anyone was really comparing it with an Elise just canvassing for comments. Sorry.

I will be more attentive in future. :lol:

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It really is a matter of 'to each their own'. Some bits of the styling don't work for me at all. Like the two bits flowing out behind your head. From the top I reckon it has the same plan shape as the Evora, though I may be wrong. Front vents look a bit Enzo ish IMO.

Said it before. There is only so many ways to make a car look different to others when you've only got the same elements to work with. Maybe it sounds brilliant? Some ferraris don't bo anything for me but it's really hard to get past the sound they make.

I think Chris is right. We love Lotuses so lots of other stuff just doesn't push our buttons.

I seem to remember a black and red S1 recently that we all didn't have much time for either.

I will now hide behind the sofa with Chris. Shove over Chris and make some room!

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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Afraid I'm not a Lotus only man, so yes I quite like it looking at other pics on interweb, but then I like the Carerra GT. It has grown on me as I have one living about 4 miles away and see it quite often on a Sunday cruise and then reverse parking outside local deli/cafe. That would take balls and he's good at it. A LOT of street presence as you would expect for a 300K car. This looks 85% scale in many ways of that.

However Chris you were correct, my party comment was just the wheel plastic things which look ridiculous IMO. Wheels themselves I am ambivolent about.

Isn't having an opinion a great thing. Would be boring if we all liked the same thing.

A LEGS man and proud to declare it! Lotus Enthusiasts Group Scotland

Autocar's Best UK Drivers Car 2009. Car's Performance Car of the Year 2009; Evo's Car of the Year 2009. Top Gear Sports Car of the Year 2009

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