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Hard to find 1st at standstill when engine is running

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Like the title says.

I have checked the clutch master cylinder and it's about 4cm from the top.

Car drives fine once I get going. It was fine on the way to work today, but when I went to lunch I had very hard time getting it into gear at the traffic light. That's when the clutch pedal started hesitating about halfway up before springing back to my foot.

Could it be the slave? If so, where is it? I'm at work and can't be crawling under the car at the moment.

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The slave is on the right hand side (so passenger side for you, driver side for UK)of the engine, at the joint of the bell housing and engine, approx 2/3 of the way up (so not right at the top), pretty close to the starter motor.

It could well be the slave, it could be the seals in the master, but if the fluid hasn't dropped (as you indicate) it's not likely to be the seals unless they are just starting to go. It may be worth draining all the fluid out and putting all new in, there may be a slight air bubble or water absorbed simply due to age of the fluid.

If that fails, many on here will state it's red hose syndrome, the plastic pipe that is the majority of the length of the run for the fluid. The simple solution to that is to replace it with either copper (like brake pipe) or braided stainless steel (available as a part from specialists (non Lotus part).

Hopefully it's one of those, else it indicates the clutch getting to the end of its life.


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Thanks, Andy.

I should also note that the clutch doesn't fully release, even when the pedal is to the floor. The car doesn't roll on a small incline when in gear and clutch pedal all the way down (engine not running). It does roll in neutral, though.

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Glad she's sorted :D

When you were looking for the leak, did you pull off the rubber boot covering the end of the slave cylinder, the one the push rod goes though?

They often look ok with no leaks until you remove this boot to find it dripping wet inside with clutch fluid. Without taking it off you'd never know!

Chunky Lover

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