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New Lotus gearbox

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Thinking about buying a 2-11 this year or next, i'd like to know if new Lotus gearbox (installed in new Elise) will solve 2-11 gearbox issues.

Can we hope retrofit ? Will this new gearbox really be stronger ? Is it wise to wait 2011 ?


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Sorry I'm probably being dull here - but why would they? They are down to build only two a month this year - I wouldn't be surprised if the car wasn't discontinued in its present form tbh. Just buy one - drive it carefully during the running in period, and if it breaks get it fixed under warranty. If you wait till they fix the problem you'll never have one! Not all cars have experienced problems - mine seems fine for example.

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Lotus website says the Elise R and Elise SC still use the C64 gearbox so guarantee the 211 will continue to use it.

The issue you linked to has onthing to do with gearbox strength - continual or long track running (with no cool down laps) on the stock gearbox can overheat the stock oil.

Doesn't matter how strong the gearbox is if the oil fails then it'll start to go.

Some people recommend changing the oil to something a lot "stronger" (in oil terms) Redline MT90 rings a bell.

My car has been to spain and back and no a fair few trackdays with no issues. Granted I'm quite easy on the car in terms of I don't rush gearchanges and I always have one cooling lap every 7-10 mintues (on a session day with 20 minutes I generally have 2 cooling laps not counting in the in lap). Overkill? possibly but I like to look after the car and the lost time doesn't add up to much.

The e153 is hardly a kit - you need to fabricate and modify the transmission to fit and I'm not sure if the driveshafts are interchangable. Everybody that I know of that have done it essentially did it themselves so not off the shelf.

The other option that would be useful is some form of gear oil cooling - the c64 doesn't have any feeds for oil cooling but you should be able to hook up to the fill and drain plugs with a simple radiator and oil pump. Lotus do have a kit on the drawingboard but really needs more interest before they could make something. It doesn't make the gearbox stronger but should allow the gearbox oil to survive longer track sessions.

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Don't use mine on the road very much (mainly track use) - not had any gearbox problems. Secret is (sa Ads says) get it warm, don't be brutal with the stick and let it cool down before parking.

Agree with Jo, suggest buying a 2-11 now, then you can use it this year. There is no guarentee that Lotus will continue making them. If you are really worried about the standard box, buy a sequential one (but haven't a couple of those broken in races too?).


Saving up for a sequential gearbox
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Lotus are working on different internals for there gearboxes.

they are working on better/stonger syncros as well as close ratios. Fingers crossed this will come out as a kit.

Scotty C


Have you heard anything related to the kit you mentioned? My second gear synchro is not gone but requires an extreemly gentle hand. something not always easy to do in the heat of the battle, especially where a lot of 2nd to third to 2nd action takes place.

Al B.

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Trying to get a hold of you with a PM, but got the message that you can't receive them. Contact me at jfried993 at aol dot com

2008 2-Eleven
2015 Exige V6 CupR
Track videos ...
2010 Lotus Challenge Series ULTRA Class champion
2012 Lotus CUP USA OPEN Class champion

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We will have two options available shortly;

1. fully fitted kit to use a Honda gearbox - same box as has been used with supercharged Honda conversions running much more power and torque than the 2-Eleven

2. sequential (non Sadev) - this wil be much more expensive than the Honda option but much cheaper than the Lotus Sadev solution

I've also got a new C64 with LSD on the shelf at the moment if anyone needs one............

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