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I had the shocks and springs replaced about 2 years ago with the new Lotus (Eibach and Bilstein) parts. The car looked too tall afterwards to which the dealer AND the factory said this was due to the old springs having sagged and that the ride height is preset for each model. I have since measured the ride height as per the manual and find it to be 14mm too high at the back and 8mm too high at the front. The rear shocks have a circlip groove 14mm below the current platform at the back and 8 mm below it at the front...Strange coincidence, or should I lower the dampers as per te alternative setting? Car handles like a dream at the moment so a bit cautious...Would welcome any advice...Thanks

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The bushes needed to be tightened with the car fully loaded to spec or they will always sit too high, something even main dealers seem to not be doing.

The upper circlip grove is for standard ride height, the lower should be 10mm lower than factory original.

I'd drop the clips, loosten off all your suspension mounts, load the car to spec and then tigtne the bushes back up again.

There's loads of posts on here about it, have a good search and fill your boots :D

Personally, all the cars I've seen with the new suspension looks too high and if I bought a set I'd machine an additional groove into the body to drop the car that little but more B)

Chunky Lover

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I'm sure the factory have stated the car may sit a fraction higher than spec in the upper position, but it will not affect ride height. The lower groove is there so that owners can choose to have a lower ride height.

I advise, do it, but whoever does it will need to compress the springs in order to achieve it..

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Remember ride height is taken when the car is half laden with fuel and has 2 occupants (140kg loading)

GT3 un-laden


GT3 laden


(front setting on the lower groove, rear setting on the higher groove)

Mines just over standard - but I dislike the rear so I'll be popping it down sometime soon.

I'm hoping a good thrashing at Milbrook this month with settle it dome somewhat.

facebook = [email protected]

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Can I just say:

* Ride height is not taken from the body, bodies can move on the bobbins, it's taken from the chassis

* The S4s has arch extensions that reduce the profile of the arch

* This is an extremely light GT3

* GT3's had a higher stance to promote the other more expensive lower cars

* Photos taken on a perfectly flat floor at centre wheel height with flash so the shadow in the wheel arch is eliminated making the car appear to sit high

* It was setup by Lotus themselves :D

There's no doubt the rear looks high but thats how it was suppoed to be on this car - front looks fine imo.

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well i put this same kit on two months ago. i set front and rear on the lower setting and handling was spot on and the ride hieght was bang on the correct specs loaded plus half a tank. i would defonatly stick to lower settings

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I did my measurements with the car loaded and from the chassis...The point is that the extra height is almost exactly the same as the distance between the grooves so should be correct on the lower setting at both ends. Secondly, moving the spring platform down will make the chassis nearer the ground by the same amount without any change to the spring length. ie assuming the spring length to be constant and the top of each spring to be a given distance from the ground, lowering the bottom of the spring will lower the top of the spring by the same amount and thus the car. Then it should look better but handle in a very similar manner as the springs and dampers have not been changed in any way except the spring being moved down. The dampers will simply have been shortened slightly....Thanks for the comments

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I have the new Lotus suspension on my S4s and have been really happy with the handling, but it did look like it was on stilts.

At the last service I had it set to the lower setting. Looks much better and the handling seems the same. Best of both worlds.


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