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Headlights & Bobbins

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A very straight forward job.

Remove the two retaining lugs from the black surround and remove.

The headlight units are held in place by three

push fit lugs. Gentle leverage with a screw driver is all that's required to pop the fasteners.



Draw the headlight away and disconnect the buld power cable.

Reaching through the opening to gain access.

The pod has three securing points. The bobbins on either side and the lift motor connection.



Remove the bobbin bolts, I left the last few threads in until I'd disconnected the lift motor.

Again gentle leverage with a screwdriver will pop the fastener.


Lift the Pod away from the body of the car.



Now an engineer would probably re rivet the bobbins. However I'm a Chemist so I've used adhesives. I forced adhesive behind the bobbin and then positioned, leaving to dry.


I then gave the expossed adhesive a coat of paint the cover it, oiled the pod lift arm and reassemble in reverse order.


Then for some upgraded reflectors



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