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Front Dampers - Excel

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Very stright forward with no access problems to any nuts or bolts.

No spring compressors are needed unless the springs are also to be removed/replaced.

Ensure the car is well supported.

I use axel stands using load points for the suspension.

In this case the inner lower link bolt.



With the wheel off and the car suitably supported

the hub, spring and damper assembly is easily accessed.


Remove the locking nut and the retaining nut from

the top of the damper (17mm nuts)


The remove the nut and bolt from the lower link/damper assembly (19mm).


It may be necessary to use a screw driver and hammer, angled through the spring, to tap out

the old damper. This is removed through the lower link arm.


Use the trolley jack to lift the lower link until there is sufficient angle available to reomve the damper.

Feed the new damper in, ensuring you orientate the adjuster so you know which side it is.

With the top of the damper seated and the rubbers and washer, put a few turns on the upper nut.

This will hold it in place while you adust the bottom.

With the aid of the trolley jack line up the lower link bolt holes with the lower damper.

Replace the spacers either side of the damper as you feed the bolt through.

This may take a little playing around until the bolts passes right through.

Then tighten the upper and lower nuts and bolts.



Replace road wheel remove supports and lower car.

Assembly diagram for guide to positioning of spacers, nuts, bolts and rubbers.


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