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Elite/Eclat/Excel picture thread!

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Found a nice piece about Team Lotus with some great photographs. It's a couple of years old now, not sure if it's been mentioned before but new to me.


Anyhow, apart from the great pic of Colin Chapman's JPS liveried Bell Jetranger, there are these ultra rare shots of the black and gold S2.2 Elite used as a Team car. I've only seen this once before in the corner of a shot of Nigell Mansell;






It has broken down, obviously, but still a great shot! I also like the fact it looks so close to Roger Makhlouf's Riviera from a distance with the golden leather interior......... "JPS-lite" without the garishness of the commemorative Esprits.



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Yeah - great photos! Thanks for posting. A very scenic place to break down, I think there should be a caption competition for the top photo with the two guys crouched next to the elite - presumably holding the broken part.



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Sorry to carpet bomb this forum with my pictures, but I am just so happy about the new paint job. UNforunately I can´t seem to be able to get it show properly on these photos..


Beautiful, pearl white makes any Lotus a bit special

my 1981 eclat 2.2 shot by 


A great set of photographs with a fresh approach. Do I need 3D glasses for the middle one? :B)

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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IMHO the Eclat has really come into it's own in recent years, for a long time (even when in production) it was the ugly duckling of the wedge trio.


Pic 2nd from bottom is especially flattering, it darkens the fussy side window detailing, and of course the S2 detailing (wheels and spoiler) help immensely

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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Just found some pictures on Pistonheads of a scrapyard seemingly entirely occupied by Eclats/Excels. At first glance thought this must be the backyard of Lotusbits, but no it's in Strood. I'm counting at least 8 wedges, how many can you see?







These must be viewed daily by hundreds on the adjoining trains. Maybe not runners any more but a mine of parts surely? Anyone live local to speak to the owner?

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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I've found where it is. Its about 5 minutes away from bibs!


I'll try and swing past sometime.


I'm counting:


2 white eclats

1 blue elite

1 green elite

1 red elite

1 brown/blue elite

1 red wedge under cover

possibility of another white eclat behind the beetle.


also in there is a 70's audi 100, a triumph spitfire, pontiac transport? austin 7, 3x Austin A40, mercedes SL, and quite a few that I have no ideas on....


Lots of others under covers. some of it small and low.

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Trevor had his Delorean seats recovered there a couple of weeks back, they did a lovely job and he mentioned that little lot! I've been meaning to pop over since :)

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Thats a good place for me for visit!!


go to that owner and ask if he sells all eclat / elite cars on his ground, and i got enough parts for the next 10 years!

(together with the parts that i all ready have)

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