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Elite/Eclat/Excel picture thread!

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Nice one! Where did you get the factory pictures from? I think that's the first colour shot of the "Tissot" promotional Elite I have seen. If it survived it should stand out being a non-factory colour.

And Carlos Reutemann inspectin the JPS Esprit?

I would love some full resolution copies of some of those please, can I PM you?

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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my pleasure :-) My mechanic from (Bruno Schaffner) was so kind to lend me 3 folders full of photos, factory pictures, brochures etc. 

I'll review, rename, and sort all pictures, and then post a link to the full resolution photos, it will be some 2GB zip-file. But I need some time to do that... Also I'll crop and resize the photos for an internet gallery. I'll post it here as soon as I can. In the meantime I'll keep you updated with some screenshots ;-)

Did not know about the Tissot Elite, it's really nice!



And I guess Reutemann is there because he was racing for Lotus in 1979...

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59 minutes ago, oilmagnet477 said:

Top work Daniel,


Thanks to you all for your appreciation - I've got so much help and so many good tipps, advice and support in this forum regarding my Elite, I'm more than happy to contribute my part to this forum - This is what a community is about, isn't it? :)

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no, I was born in Zurich and I live here, so the car will most probabely remain in Switzerland (never say never...).

The Dealer who sold the car was G.S. Cars in Warmley near Bristol, in August 1975 that was. After that the history is not clear, however, the first owner was a certain Mrs Capen. 

The car then appeared in the Netherlands years ago, was sold to Germany in 2014, and I bought and imported it to Switzerland in April 2016. Since then, it is my daily driver :-) Except in very cold condition (heater is currently not working). 

The Lotus archives have revealed the following information about the car: 

The VIN supplied for your Lotus Elite can be broken down into the date
of manufacture (975, June), the serial number and the model and market the car
was destined for (A=Elite in RHD). The original engine number can be
broken down into the engine specification (L=Lotus 2.0 litre type 907 engine for the European
Elite/Éclat with A/C and PAS from 1975), the engine build date (1975, June), and the
engine serial number. The gearbox number was a 5 speed and differential
numbers was a 3.73:1 ratio.
The original body colour was Lagoon Blue metallic, Lotus paint code L12. The interior trim was
not recorded, but the blue cars generally had the champagne colour trim as opposed to the
Sable colour. Your car featured the 503 option pack; which included A/C, power steering and a
radio over the standard model. Due to the loss of the main build file, the full list of options fitted
are no longer recorded, but it is known the car had the optional 3.73:1 differential ratio
(standard was 4.1:1) and metallic paint. The car was manufactured during June 1975 and was
signed from production on the 11th July 1975. The car was invoiced from Lotus  on the 25th July 1975 to the original dealer G.S. Cars in Warmley near Bristol who sold the car to M
rs. Capen. This is all the information we have left.
The production Lotus Elite S1 for the domestic market ran from May
1974 until the end of 1979. The early recorded cars are believed to be
Elite 502 (as they all have A/C, no PAS), with the other variants from around October 1974.
The serial number sequence also includes RHD export cars. The following is based on data
available to date and serial number sequence for the UK market Elite series 1 only:
Your car was the 519th out of 1596 cars,
Your car was the 115th out of 266 cars in Lagoon Blue.
Lagoon Blue was the 2nd most popular colour out of 28 different colours used on the UK Elite
series 1.

In my opinion, it's always nice to discover the history of such cars, which also adds value to the car. So if anybody here knows more about Mrs Capen, or G.S. Cars in Warmley, please drop me a line, thanks!

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  • Gold FFM

Daniel. Nice history. I previously owned an Eclat which was first owned by Lotus F1 Team manager Andrew Ferguson. Half the fun for me was finding out all her history, and during my research I spoke with a guy in Northern Ireland who I am sure has what could be the Tissot Elite. Between us we managed to find photographs of the cars at the German GP and I think the other was Monaco. One photograph had the car with the Tissot trophy on the bonnet of the car. If I can find them I will send to you for your collection. The only problem being, my computer was hacked a few months back in a very expensive scam and I may no longer have them, but i will see what I can do.

Mathew Vale has just published a book on the Elite/Eclat/Excel and there is some fantastic history in the publication which included my old Eclat. Mathew was kind enough to send me a signed copy of the publication.



eclat book.jpg

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2 hours ago, johnpwalsh said:

 One photograph had the car with the Tissot trophy on the bonnet of the car. If I can find them I will send to you for your collection. The only problem being, my computer was hacked a few months back in a very expensive scam and I may no longer have them, but i will see what I can do.

Hello John, 

That would be fantastic, thanks! Hope you get your computer problem sorted... :ermm:

I've read the book of course, it's a fantastic read! Thanks

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ok here we go. 

I've finally managed to crop, resize and rename all the brochures that I have scanned. I've seen some of the brochures before, but there are some (to me) completely unknown ones!

To view the gallery:

Download the low resolution images (same size as the online gallery) as a ZIP file:

Download the full size high resolution images (about 1.8GB in total) as a ZIP file: 

Enjoy :-) 

This was 'part 1'. 

Part 2 will be dozens of phots from the 70ies with Lotus content. Part 3 will be road tests. I'll upload all the remaining as soon as I can, so stay tuned!

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