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Elite/Eclat/Excel picture thread!

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On 24/04/2021 at 14:44, 89esprit said:

Here you are @Don.Hasi 



these are the first pictures of a fed version I ever remember where the fed bumper doesn't look misplaced. Not as good maybe like the European version but nevertheless good. 

Did you manage the upholstery yourself ? It looks absolutely top notch. Again one of the best work I have ever seen. Oh and did the car already come with the rear seat belt in place?

Overall very good looking pictures of a gorgeous car.

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Thanks for the compliments..

I wish I could say I did, but there is no way I could've managed to do those seats myself. I had an upholstery shop near me cover them. They were originally that nasty cloth material.

I was absolutely stunned when I got them back. I'm sure he's never seen any seats like that in his life and it sure says a lot of his talent to have them come out so good. He's also done the seats and console in my '89 Esprit and a '67 Imperial I have. Not cheap but it proves the old adage true once again... you get what you pay for.

My wife and I did manage to re-cover all the trim pieces and put in the headliner ourselves. Those are covered in suede.

Getting all that prosthetic leg material of that roof was horrible. LOL

The seat bells were already mounted in the car by way.

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'89 Esprit, '77 Elite 503, '72 MGB, '95 XJ12, '10 Mini Cooper, '67 Imperial, '78 New Yorker, '76 Town & Country '73 Cessna 150

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Dave. If your thinking of having banana done. Give me a shout as I've done a lot of research into the materials for car interiors and you can save a fair bit by buying direct and sending to any trimmers to have do the work as I have just done with the Esprit.

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I had a quote for £2k for the whole interior (except carpets) for my Excel 3-4 years ago - Car Trimming - Upholstery Service (

I replaced the carpets at that point in time for £1k, and haven't yet got round to the interior.

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On 07/05/2021 at 15:13, soldave said:

Do you mind giving a ballpark price on what you paid for the reupholstering of the seats? Would be interested to see how prices compare Stateside compared to here in the UK.

I paid $1200 us for them. However, they are not in leather.  That would have been waaaaay more.  

He charged my wife $1000 for the seats, console and gator in the Esprit. 

The material he used is very high quality and most who see it don't even know its not leather. 

'89 Esprit, '77 Elite 503, '72 MGB, '95 XJ12, '10 Mini Cooper, '67 Imperial, '78 New Yorker, '76 Town & Country '73 Cessna 150

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Yellow Excel on ebay (originally red)   on the Isle of Wight.



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I was tempted to go and have a look but I had a look at the past MOT's on the DVLA site and it may need some engine work.

High hydrocarbon emissions and over 105,000 miles plus a respray makes it a bit of a project.

On the other hand, full leather and an SE...

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Saw that one advertised when the private guy on the IOW had it for sale a couple of weeks back. Now it's up for more money with a trader who seems to hoover up most of the cheaper classics in the island.

Still a relatively cheap Excel but almost certainly more of a project than it looks.

Not worth starting anything now...🍺

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