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Lovely looking car Dermot - What are you getting in replacement or do you still have the Elan and Excel to keep you busy?

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Too bad this Lotus was never imported into the US. I've always liked the Elite/Eclat/Excel and especially the Excel. They're almost impossible to find here - even more rare the my M100 Elan because so many have died over the years. This car will make someone very happy. Good luck with the sale!

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Guest mkelite

hi Dermot. can i just politely say ur barmy selling your Elite. you'll never get a good one again. i put mine on ebay a few months ago n decided once n for all she's going to be prestinely restored this year. so withdrew her from the auction - you still can! good luck and best regards. DC.

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a nice car from what i could see. the auction is not finished yet but the price has already climbed up.

in this price range a perfect chassis is obligatory....but i doubt it is.

the foam pad above the crossmember was removed 1995..waxoyling started 10-15 years without any further protection, besides the black color sprayed by lotus....hmmm...anyway...i´m not gonna buy it, so i´ll leave it to the next owner to report about his purchase.

not to foget all these bits and pieces which need attention:

The exhaust is stainless steel and in good condition, it may need a little fettling as it occasionally contacts the lower rear wishbone on one side, causing a rattle now and again at certain revs. The headlamps are vacuum and one of the actuators can be sticky but is generally fine. The rear brakes were re-furb'd last year but as one of the oil seals on the diff is leaking it makes that side inefficient as the oil seal will leak out thro' the drum. The drivers seat has rip in it and one section of stitching is loose. Although she is a 503 there is no Air con or power steering this was removed some years ago.

no aircon is they never worked properly...but without power steering these cars are hard to drive!!

normally passenger side should have an exterior mirror. enginebay also looks a bit untidy, cambelt cover missing, also the airfilter box.

nothing major, but most of these parts are hard to find, do cost some money and should be ogliatory in this price range.

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but there isnt any picture prove of that to find...i guess the spyder conversion was documented by some pictures, which could be used to boost the sales and prove the good condition as well.

anyway the auction is near its end...the next owner has to sort this out.

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the SUBFRAME (chassis) was modified in 1995 at a cost of circa £4k, as you don't seem to know it is a body off job, spyder engineering inspected the subframe and reported that it did not need to be changed, they repainted and waxoyled all inaccessable parts and replaced the felt over the rear crossmember with waterproof padding, they are not the sort of company who would have hidden rust problems with patch welds, for that must NEVER be done to these subframes. there are not any photos of this work, but anyone who knows these cars would only need a brief glance underneath to see and recognise the changes to the front and rear suspension. bye the bye a galvanised subframe does not, as many seem to think guarantee that ferrous oxide will not take hold. porches have galvanised bodies and subframes, i rest my case.

the air filters are indeed non-standard but some might regard that as an improvement, as to the cam belt cover an unnecessary bit of kit that does nothing.

on ebay the only obligatory thing is an accurate description, the buyers decide the price, in this case it is not unreasonable, a condition 1 elite is woth about £5K con 2 like this one about the price paid. to find a road worthy one is difficult as most are sold without mot or tax, for spares or repair.

have you ever driven an elite without power steerring, yes it is heavy when parking but once moving it is light ,positive and more sensitive.

i doubt that you will find the new owner " reporting" his purchase here.

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The car has now been picked up by its new owner (previously an Excel owner) and he was delighted with the condition of the car.

I was as honest as I could be with him when he phoned to ask questions which I thinks helps with peoples expectations.

As I said it is mechanically pretty sound and had some minor niggles which would not effect day to day running. All these I had on my to do list for the summer when my house is complete. they were not difficult jobs.

I really hope he enjoys the car as I will miss her. As he was a hands on owner I threw in the Workshop Manual as I would like the owner to look after her.

Now I have to concentrate on the niggles on my Excel.


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have you ever driven an elite without power steerring, yes it is heavy when parking but once moving it is light ,positive and more sensitive.

i´ve driven, both elite and eclat, with and without PAS...and i agree what you say, but i´ve a narrow yard, i also use the car in towns, villages and for visiting friends, not only on open roads or tracks, so i would not miss a PAS

what i dont understand: when spyder did this chassis upgrade why not removing all the other little bits and pieces and give the chassis a complete new rust protection in form of galvanizing or powdercoating, instead of derusting partial areas,painting and waxoyling them. for such an amount of money it cold be done in a proper way, but it sounds as it has been done only half-hearted. ok...maybe i´m thinking too negative, but when i do something i do it once: fit and forget!! compromises take revenge, sooner or later.

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