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S1/S2 Drive Shaft UJs

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Is it better to have a grease-able UJ or a none grease-able UJ?. The GKN/Hardy Spicer direct replacement UJ is part# HS-163 which is a grease-able unit. There are however alternative Dana Spicer and Neapco UJs available with just as good a reputation as Hardy Spicer.

Dana Spicer Part# 5-135x - standard duty, grease-able

Dana Spicer Part# 5-785x - heavy duty, solid body, none grease-able

Neapco Part# 1-0153 - standard duty, greaseable

Neapco Part# 2-0785PD - heavy duty, solid body, none grease-able.

The UJ cross refs to a standard 1310 series:


A= 26.99mm ( 1.062 inches )

B= 81.76mm ( 3.218 inches )

Prices per UJ are all within a few dollars, so cost is really not a factor.

So which is better ,grease-able or not, and which brand to buy?

Cheers, Gavin

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The greasable ones will last a lot longer than the non-greasable, as long as you remember to pump in fresh grease every so often.

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Like GKP says. They'll last longer if well greased, especially on the left hand side where they tend to dry out quicker due to exhaust heat. I tend to get about 10,000 miles out of a set before they need replacing. I don't know if that's good or bad?


Pete '79 S2

LEW Miss September 2009

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