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Espritmon, funny workings

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I've once again got a code 26, I'm pretty sure I know what it is after spending hours on code 26's over the years...

One problem though my Espritmon is playing up - it wont tell me there is a fault.

Freescan does,but it wont tell me A or B just says :

26 - Quad-Driver (QDM) Circuits

26 - TIP - Some relay (probably) or Secondary injecotr is open circuit

Becuase it is no A or B I'm pretty sure it's the secondry injector balast but whats odd is Espritmon doesn't recognise the fault nor will it allow me to manually operate the quad driver funtions, I can click on them and they light up red but the funtion doesnt work.

Wonder what the issues is ?

Oh this is on the GT2 by the way (SE turb-o)

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Hi Jonathan,

That is interesting. I never had the possibility to test all errors, so there may be something missing in my code to decode a particular code 26. One thing I never checked is whether the bit that specifies A or B can be set without the bits in the first three fault bytes being set.

Questions: one the first page of espritmon in the lower left corner, are the values behined FW1, FW2 and FW3 all zero? If not, what is the value? these are the bytes values as I read them from the mode 1 stream. The page you get after pressing 'e' decodes the bits in these bytes to identify the particular fault.

One more question, when you manually operate the quad driver, did you have your engine running? it has too.

Could you email me the log file that espritmon generates so I can look at the contents of the data to figure out why no error is generated.

Ok, good luck hunting the code 26 error.


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Hi Eric - it fixed itself, now there is no code - so we'll have to wait.

From what I recall...

FW1/2/3 were all zero - no code 26 A/B lights

Engine was running

I can do a log file but it'll have to wait again until the thing fails.

The car has sat for ages outside, it ran upto temperature no probs so I think it might have been damp or something in a contact - we'll see.

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it may O2 sensor cause error code 26 ?


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