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V8 fuel-line quick fit connector

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As description says , I'm on the way to find the 'origin'-identity for those 10mm fuel-line connectors fitted on the rails. What I can say for sure from this day on the scarp-yard is: Renault used on some models (especially 'Clio') the same brand/type, but in a 8mm Version.

The production label is an mirror image 'R' together with an 'G' , and in case of the 918 engine [10] branding, whereas the Renault is labeled [08]

For the fuel system modification [an bypass/override for the injectors 9 & 10] in mind, I just need two of those 10mm connectors. The original fuel-line is meant to be untouched, as for easy rebuild reasons later on... .

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still on the way to find the best way for 'bypassing' the injectors Nb. 9 & Nb. 10....

So wile I was draining the fuel on my Elise-S1 wreck, I noticed that the fuel-pipe profile is the same -or sort of exactly as on the Esprit fuel-rails. What means 10mm pipe, with an ring all around in some distance. This lets me think the Elise fuel-pipe connector should also fit on the Esprit ?!

Problem is -who can cross reference the OEM parts, or where was this angled connector made -as fitted on the Elise?

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some points in those links refer to AC-Delco and GM .

...thanks for that , as the Elise fuel pump arangement is labeled *AC* too... .

sounds like a path to go :)

The hardest point is to find an eqivalent for this in Europe. We will see.

Just for information: my plan to do this is as I need to 'foul' the untouched ECM programming. But I want to test the car with various different sized main injectors [for my E85 experiments], without the additional *boost* or call them *fuel-waste cooling* injectors 9 & 10. With a fuel feed still attached up to those injectors the car gets 'overfueled' on full trottle, and stalls or runs unstable on 'kick-down'...

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