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Any volunteers to review my Freescan Excel file on my 91 SE

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Below is an excerpt from another post on the Forum, this blurb pertains to my first Freescan file that I saved on the car last night. The first post is related to cooling fan issues......

I have a good sized Excel file of the Freescan run from last night if any of the Forum folks would like to take a look at it for me. I ran the car through RPM ranges from idle to 4k and then back down to idle, several loops of RPM ranges to try and capture loads of data.

A couple of concerns I have (may not be valid concerns, as I am learning to understand the program still):


a) My Rich/Lean numbers jump from the 70's up to 250, and then fall down into the single digits, then back up again.

b) My Spark Advance seems to jump all over the place, but this might be normal for engine speeds changes, just seems excessive.

c) O2 figures are also a bit random

Let me know if you are willing to review the Freescan files, send me your email address, and I will send you the file to look at.

Just about all of the sensors have been replaced with new Lotus bits, so I want to make sure the car is operating as it was designed to.

a brief list of new items:

a) NGK Iridium plugs

b) MSD Coil Packs

c) Plug wires

d) TPS sensor

e) Crank count sensor

f) AIC valve

g) 02 sensor

h) RC primary and secondary injectors

i) K&N filter

j) both Fan Control Relays

k) Coolant Temp Sensor - under manifold

Next thing on the list is to replace the weeping water pump and install new timing belt. Big project!!

Car seems to run strong. Only complaints are the cooling fan issue (dont trip on a t 92 C), and the idle does stumble every once in a while.

The more I do to it the better it starts to run :))

I think she likes the attention.

Many thanks,

Charlie McClendon

91 Esprit SE

Many thanks,

Charlie McClendon

91 Esprit SE

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Thanks for the fast reply. Attached is the Freescan file from last nights run on my 91 Esprit SE. I have not collected data from a long drive as of yet, but will do so in the near future. Any feedback on what I have for readings last night would be most welcome ohmy.gif

Cheers from Sunny Houston Texas

McClendon - 91 Esprit March 25tth 2010-b.csv

Edited by McClendon-EspritSE

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Hi, the column that should contain the road speed (column 7) is always zero!


ok, I guess that is because the car was actually not moving, you were just revving the engine, right?

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Correct on the not moving comment. I have not been able to take the car out for a drive with the Freescan plugged in yet. I hope to be able to do it in the next week and post the condensed csv file of a drive. I also downloaded the Espritmon program to watch the engine stats from a different perspective. Hell, monitoring and studying all this stuff is almost as cool as the car in general. Never thought I would get a kick out of this side of owning an old Lotus, but it is cool.



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Hi Charlie, here are some tips when you want to analyze the data yourself, especially in case you get fault warnings. When trying to find the cause of an intermittent fault, it is useful to know the situation just before the fault occured. With Freescan, the contents of the fault bytes is stored in the ECU coms file (requires enabling enable ‘Log ECU Coms to Disk’), while the engine data that can be plotted is stored in a .CSV file. In the CSV file that is logged, no information about the content of the fault words is stored. So, besides logging the .CSV file, also always log the ECU coms. To recover the status just before the fault happened, the contents in the two files will need to be synchronized. This is how I used to do it:

The ECU coms file will contain lines like the following one:

P: From OnModeD1 - Mode 1 Data Detected

P: *** Requesting Mode1 from ECU ***

11 Dec 08 11:58:31 - 0xF0 0x96 0x01 0x27 0x8A 0x00 0x02 0x01 0x60 0x80 0x79 0x94 0x20 0x51 0x04 0xD0 0x11 0x01 0x02 0x08 0x54 0x6C 0x77 0x10 0x00 0x49 0x72 0x4E 0xA0 0x00 0x01 0x86 0x11 0x00 0x2A 0x28 0x88 0x34 0x11 0x00 0xD7 0x00 0x3C 0xA1 0x74 0x05 0x00 0x00 0xB6 0x92 0x1A 0xEF 0xC6 0x09 0x01 0x2D 0x18 0x7F 0xBD 0x41 0x2F 0x80 0x01 0x45 0x01 0xA6 0x20 0x04

In this example file, the fault just happened. The contents of the fault bytes is:

FW1 (byte 6 in the mode 1 stream): 0x00

FW2: (byte 7) 0x02

FW3: (byte 8) 0x01

The value of engine running time (in byte 55 and 56) can be used to find the data in the .CSV file. The value in the .CSV file of time is the decimal value of $012D which is 301 seconds.

By looking at graphs of the various parameters from say 200 to 301 seconds, you may find clues that lead to a particular fault. As you can see from the date in the beginning of the example data, this was how I was tracking down faults in December 2008. After having done this a couple of times, I wrote Espritmon to make the job easier. The logfile generated by Espritmon contains both the fault bytes and the engine data.

Have fun with your testdrives, use the whole spectrum of speed ;-)


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