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S3 V8 Conversion Questions

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I'm at it again.

Car is sitting in a barn on SORN and my attention is turned back to what to do with it.

I've one or two questions for those that have already been down this route and have experience of the completed cars.

1. Do you have any problems with keeping the engine cool?

I know full length radiators with triple fans have been fitted on some and I would be thinking of the same.

2. With the extra oomph is there any need for the extra aerodynamic appendages from the Turbo to keep the car stable (or the engine cooled)?

I've a standard S3 and would like to keep the purity of the lines.

3. It has been suggested that my '84 chassis would need a later front end which is stiffer in order to prevent the horsepower causing the front to flex, losing handling etc.

Has anyone experienced any such problems? I'm thinking of around 400bhp and a similar amount of torque through a Getrag gearbox.

4. How has the extra weight of the V8 and the 6 speed (assuming Audi) gearbox affected handling?

5. I would really like to maintain the standard outward appearance including the look of the BBS wheels.

It is almost certain that the rear brakes would need to go outboard and the front brakes would need to be bigger than those that would fit inside the standard front wheel, therefore a change of wheels would be required. Has anyone investigated the use of larger diameter BBS Mahle design wheels, do they exist and if so which cars were they fitted to originally?

6. How big a disc does one need (front and back)?

7. How heavy is the Audi V8 and gearbox compared to the standard 4 pot and SM unit?

(Andy Hills did send me some details but the PM seems to have gone missing??)

More questions later as I think about them.



Keep off the straight and narrow

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Can't answer any of your questions for sure so I'd not like to comment, however the brakes should not be too much of an issue.

On the fronts I seem to recall you can squeeze 280mm diameter disks, this with a good 4 pot caliper and you should be sorted that end. The rears, obviously more work but a forward mounted caliper on the radius arm to hub fixings should be possible, theres enough room to push the wheels out and mount the disk with it basically acting as a small spacer.

The only issues I can see with keeping the original wheels is lack of traction. 400bhp through them would be interesting with plenty of black line action!

Chunky Lover

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Hi, Andy Hills helped me with coverting my N/A S3 to the same 4.2 V8 Conversion with 6 Speed Gearbox!

A Project we worth doing, engine and gearbox look right in the Esprit and sound great. Radiator length has been increased, triple core with 3 cooling fans.

I've keeped the look of the S3 on the outside with the standard 15" BBS wheels and the dash looks standard also apart from a small digital display on the speedo.


Rear Brakes are Audi TT with help from Danny (SilverFrost 3.7V8 Audi Conversion) and Fronts are BMW 318 with Vented Disks from a Peugoet Mi16. (help from Jeff - Trackmagic)

post-5137-126971870809_thumb.jpg post-5137-126971892545_thumb.jpg

Suggest you talk to Andy some more, any help needed then just ask on the forum as people are very helpfull.

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