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The Real Stig

AC refilling on an '85 Turbo Esprit

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I am about to refill the AC-system.

Which type and how much?

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I replaced R12 with HR12, which is an Australian replacement basically consisting of 50/50 iso-Butane/Propane. It's been in the Esprit for 9 months now, works really well and doesn't require the o-rings, oil, or compressor to be replaced which you may have to do with R134a replacement gas. I did change the reciever dryer though. I don't know if these type of hydro-carbon refrigerants are available or legal in USA/UK/ROW, but I'm told that they are becoming widely used now in domestic, industrial and auto air-con systems.

A lot of A/C places/techo's advise not to use the hydro-carbon based stuff, but there are an equal number that also recommend it. You pay your money and make your choice. All I can tell you is that I have found it to be very good and have had no problems with it. I'm told that the molecules of the gas are larger than those of R134a and therefore there is less chance of gas leaking past the seals, which is common in other replacement gases.

Total cost for me to convert to HR12 myself was $100 including the vac pump, charge gauges and gas. All parts available on Ebay.

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