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2010 General Election



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The band I'm in used to do gigs at a Monster Raving Loony Party Friday rock night at a pub in East Molsey, just over ther Thames from Hampton Court Palace.

Chinners, the MRLP guy who organised it was aways trying to get elected onto the local council, failed every time. The last time he tried to get elected, on his manifesto he was able to claim that in the previous election he was the only candidate who had seen his vote increase by 100% - from 17 to 34, made me smile. MRLP Party chairman turned up one evening with a rosette the size of a dustbin lid pinned to his jacket, it made drinking very difficult for him!

Normally Aspirated - and lovin' it!

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Well I'm prob in the minority here but I'm a Lib Dem supporter. I actually don't like all their policies, but I respect that they seem prepared to be able to deliver bad news and unpleasant truths, and a lot of our probs today seem to stem from recent governments veering away from speaking of unpleasant things as they are, and avoiding the truth.

We'd all be far happier and more respectful of our political system if we actually believed what they were saying, regardless of whether we liked the message.




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prepare to sell the Lotus then Mat. A company like Lotus couldn't exist under Lib Dem Automotive policy.

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


Distributor for 'Every Male' grooming products. (Discounts for any TLF members hairier than I am!)

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I agree with Cliff, everyone should vote even if just to spoil a ballot paper. People gave their lives so that we can have the freedom to choose our government.

I haven't seen any political party manifesto yet that offers to restart the rolling tax exemption for classic cars that the current wasters in Westminster stopped about 30 seconds after getting into power in 1997.

Though this be madness yet there is method in it ( Polonius in William Shakespeare's Hamlet)

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One could argue that you live in a free country, free not to vote if you wish ?

Personally I like to honor the people who sacraficed everything in order to vote (goes ALLllll the way back, even past Cromwell's time).

But I respect people who chose not to - it's their choice, I'll try and persuade them but it's a free country.

Dunno who to vote for isn't an excuse :)

facebook =

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You have got to admit Tony was fab wasnt he :respect:. Gordo is unpopular, no style, but the substance is all there with new labour.

Also getting Mandy back has really settled the ship and the UK is doing well dont you think. Look at the figures they dont lie do they.

The petrol is expensive but hey we all got to a bit, its not fair to tax well off people to much as they send their money abroad. You actually

get a better return if you tax mr average, more comes into the coffers to provide the great services the Civil sector provides.

And as a country we must be about 3x smarter under labour as GSCEs and A-levels and Uni pass rates have gone through the roof

compared to when the true blues were in charge. Thats a lot of clever people doing ordinary jobs. Why have a monkey when you can

have a boffin serve you witha big mac? Under labour they said things will only get better. Well since they have been in charge we have

really only had one bad cold winter, pretty good if you ask me. Before new labour, plumbers used to only speak english, now it can be polish,

or someother euro language. If you get your work done on a sunny day and set your self up with a cappuccino :coffee: it will feel like you are on holiday.

Could the tories do that? Me thinks not. People say vote Liberal Dem instead, but if you think about it the government lets you do what you want really, and

if you are naughty the council give you an asbo instead of the police nicking you, now that to me smacks me of be very liberal. The Tories would

have the rozzers give you a boot up the 'arris instead. Under New Labour the BNP has somehow become legit, that's pretty liberal to me.

I know you are thinking what about the terror laws and all this surveillance. It seems that only people in London fret so they must have something to hide.

Here in cheshire we haven't had any women wearing semtex blouses texting Mr B lowitup so these laws must be working thankyou very much.

People worry about cctv, but just think if you forgot where you left your car parked, chances are it will be on camera somewhere and you can find it.

There has been a lot of benefits under new labour, why do people knock them?? I mean, a single mum with 5 kids can rake about 35k in benefits

per year, how good a deal is that??! :thumbup: Its only you who chooses to work, you cant complain if there is easier money to get under new labour and

you dont take it.

But what about Dave and his mate George? They look the deal dont they :B). Pretty well off guys like us with young familes who know what it costs under

New Labour. I bet they dont like the fuel price when they drive their bentleys about and why should they. Its a disgrace. Dave is pretty cool dont you think,

how many of us have a web cam about our house or own blogs. He prabaly tweets when curls one out in the lav on his iphone. Uber cool! Some say they

dont know who is in the shadow cabinet, so what! Things in the shadows are harder to see, wait till the sun shines on a Tory victory and all will become clear.

You dont watch the end of a movie first, so don't ruin it by asking who is she or he all the time. Let the politcal movie play out. Some knock Dave for his background,

he was in the Bullingdon club, David Dimbleby was in that club and no-one thinks he is a Tw* :) T. He does those great natural history programs. And if you think

about it we are all in a Lotus Forum type club, we would not like it if we were called names just because of that. Not fair, give the guy a break. And just to make

a point Boris J, Mayor of London was in the same club, so it seems that successful people come from there. I have heard it said that the tories are all sound bite politics

and no policies. Thats a bit unfair, when you only get two mins on the news or radio you cant spout on for 30 mins explaining all your policies can you now??:question:

The governemnt doesnt explain their policies, it just rams them through parliament so why pick on the tories? Lay off, they are doing their best in 120 secs

of tv stardom. Anybody see those recent Model shots of Daves wife Mrs C. They were pretty hot! We could do with that kind of glamour on the world stage

at big political gigs. Push GB up the rankings. Think back to Mrs Blair, she was a munter, we cant have that again in this televisual age.

So to sum up its 50:50 and 10 of one and a dozen of the other when it comes to choice for the next election. Oi! what about Cleggy I hear 3 people at the back shout.

Well what about him? The liberals will only count in a hung parliament. Is that the best choice for the country???


A hung parliament.....


Hang the lot of em! To the tower folks.............:rofl:

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prepare to sell the Lotus then Mat. A company like Lotus couldn't exist under Lib Dem Automotive policy.

Why sell the Lotus?

Whats the idea?

If a goverment refuses to back a company then we ditch the products it's already made?

lets feed some deloreans into the crusher then!

How bizarre...


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The system we have is a Representative Democracy as all 60 million of us cannot fit within the House of Commons.

However, since the development of the web, do we really need 'em?

We can all register a vote via the net on any decision that needs to be made. A true democracy :stuart:

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The problem with the Tories is George Osbourne. He really hasn't got a clue, he doesn't have any conviction about the things he says and comes across as inexperienced. Cameron should have got rid of Osbourne when he was accused of soliciting funding during the Deripaska debacle. They should have replaced him with Ken Clarke. The Conservatives would be looking a lot stronger now if they had.

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Why is there only an 'Apathy, can't be bothered' option if you are not going to vote?


Thats mental.

Not trusting any of them is not the same as 'apathy' if you would otherwise use your vote.

Wanting to vote but finding yourself with no-one you want is not the same as 'not being bothered'.

So the only poll option is to chuck your vote blindly at some party or other, be dismissed as not giving a toss, or juct click 'view results' (as i have) because there is no 'no vote' option that does not dismiss you as some retard.

IMO there are an awful lot of people not voting that are way above apathy and not being bothered.


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Yep - Tories need to ditch Osbourne. He never looked the part, seemed to be on a jolly and he essentially failed on Monday.

Labour have scored a home goal by claiming businesses have been duped by the Tory Tax plan. I would never have known so many companies were backing the Conservatives had Labour not moaned.

Its events like this that can tip the balance this close to an election and most of the electorate are sheep and are just happy to back a winner! So, if 'sensible' companies back one party and not the other, that could do it.

Well done Labour. Should make Camerons job easier.

BTW, the conservatives should do a swap - Vince Cable for The Os. They might have to throw in a couple of freebies aswell!

"Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them." Albert Einstein

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I agree, Vince Cable is the best Chancellor the Conservatives never had.

What does it for me is this:



So, under Labour total spending has more than doubled and to support it Labour has more than doubled the total tax take since it came to power in 1997.

Think about that when you consider the state of our Public Services - wards closing, not enough doctors/nurses, troops having to buy their own kit for Iraq, road network falling apart, school leavers illiterate, manufacturing almost totally wiped out etc etc.

There is no way this country should be costing twice as much to run as it did in 1997. What the hell have they done with our money! And its not just our money of course - this lot have borrowed £1 for every £4 they have spent and left us in hock to the international money markets for generations to come.

I could go on and on of course but it gets me so angry. I don't care who gets in as long as Brown and his slimy cohort are booted out.

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I have no idea about what any of you are talking about, I've also never heard fo the majority of people that have been mentioned!

This has to be the most boring thread that has ever existed on this forum, I normally read all posts intently but this one I am only ever glancing at, I've not read a single one of the posts in ful and don't intend to, unless that is, I struggle to sleep tonight!!!

Chunky Lover

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Someone told me yesterday that every Labour government since the war has left office with higher unemployment and a higher national debt than when they came to power whilst every Tory government has lowered debt and unemployment.

Does anyone know if this is true (incredible if it is) - the person who told me could hardly be described as left wing. Also its a well known fact that 87.3% of all statistics are made up on the spot...


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Odds on for blue win, So my mate reckons, he says it time for them to be the fall guys , just like labour have been.

I want A new party. "The Honest and transparent peoples party" for the win ...

I dont noramally join groups on facebook network, but "Being English" i did , there "was" a pic of cameron, and pic of brown. loads of comments about good opinions from some 200+ people and growing group has 80k peoples in it.

It's take what you get these days, the amount of man made problems is un real.

The bad thing is, some are just there for a reason to control for a minority rather than for the majority.


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OK so its agreed that no one can find anyone they'd vote for by choice.

My feeling is the tories will get in just becuase everyone is sick of labour, and a vote for the lib dems is a wasted vote.

The fact that MP's have been proved to be ripping the piss out of their own expenses system has hardly helped drum up enthusiasm to vote for them.

Whoever we vote for we are going to get taxed to buggery one way or another, the debt has to be paid for somehow.


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Im 100% socialist so that rules labour out. The question is whoever we vote for what do us petrol heads get? ans. shafted! no party is going to give us a break, to easy a revenue target we all love cars and will pay and pay to get our fix. Greens say thier saving the enviorment labour and tory the same but with the caviat its tax. As a three member household with 6 vechicles were on a loser whoever wins. Our only salvation could be presidential election style goverment and Clarkson stands and wins with the hamster as deputy.

Just gone to the vote site are there only two other labour voters who like cars????? ( by the way its the wifes car she votes tory) I only have a van,mk1 espace and an excel but v8 esprit on the way if they dont screw with inheritiance tax (sorry mam lol )

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Whoever we vote for we are going to get taxed to buggery one way or another, the debt has to be paid for somehow.


you are so right, whoever gets in will have to make some very tough and unpopular choices ie tax us to get us out of the big hole

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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