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Genuine Lotus or aftermarket?

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This has me worried now. If they recommend only genuine Lotus tools and parts, and I put plain old air in my tires rather than air I bought from Lotus, does that mean I risk damage or injury to myself or others? LOL

BTW, the 5.5 likely refers to it as being a 5.5MM key.

I know of several owners that are probably ruining their cars by using not Lotus approved socket sets.


And yes, i realise the 5.5 meant the size and not a model number...


You know, i'm still not entirely sure the joke is properly out???

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Well, it may be a bit to late to comment, but what you got to ask is where did lotus buy it in from in the first place & how much for, prob only cost them 25p or something equally as silly. £50 for two allen keys is one hell of a mark up. But hay! they've got an F1 team to fiance now as well. Or is this a good April Fool, but it wouldn't have surprized me with the recent price rises

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Can someone supply me with some letters, as big as the HOLLYWOOD sign please?

I need the following letters:

1 x A

1 x F

1 x I

2 x L

2 x O

1 x P

1 x R

I'll stick them somewhere really obvious and let off some firecrackers or something, that should do it?


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You know, i'm still not entirely sure the joke is properly out???

I think you are right

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Were they worth the £50 :D

Did not buy them mate.

Apparently there are undiscovered tribes in the amazonial jungle that have 'got' that this was a wind-up, and when we are able to travel beyond our galaxy we will no doubt encounter alien races still chuckling over Paul C's 2010 april fool allen key joke...

...but even then there will be some 'Sherlock' scan reading the whole thing saying i was a cock for buying two allen keys for £50.


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This has quite possibly been the most wrenching thread I have ever read.

Incidentally, I am still looking for four 1999 vintage Dunlop SP Sport 9000 tyres in my own efforts to maintain authentic and original factory parts, Paul. They're getting really hard to find these days, even on ebay. Anyone else had this problem?

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