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Braided fuel hoses

Bazza 907

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My S3 is 20 years old and still has the original (plastic) fuel lines. A friend had an almost nasty split and petrol leak in his S3 which has led me to consider fitting new ones.

Question is do I go for Lotus replacement for originality or do I go down the route of metal braided hoses ?

Any thoughts would be appreciated


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Hi there,

Well if you have the money go braided otherwise normal fuel tubing would be fine in my humble opinon! I am all for fitting nice stuff to the car but that would be a cost I could not justify! I would say normal fuel tubing bought today would last another 20 yrs!

Curly Jon

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Well is the cost is about the same go braided! The otehr think to check have a sniff down by the drivers seat belt hole and let us know if you smell petrol. Also there are breather pipes that do split and they run in the back. I wil try to get some pics to show and these will need to be replaced.

When driving do you smell petrol is one window is open?

Curly Jon

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Always use braided fuel hose. I've had a fuel hose leak; fortunately the engine cover and rear louvred panel had been removed, but I'll never forget the sight of the flames in the rear view mirror! Quite exciting, especially as the car was on blocks in canvas marquee....mad panic, switched everything off and threw the remains of the bucket of water I'd been using to rub down the rear lh panel paintwork all over the engine. Not the best idea for a petrol fire, but it worked and all became calm again. I went to Think Automotive just down the road from me in Isleworth - brilliant firm for all automotive plumbing, make up Goodridge braided hoses for brakes or fuel lines while-you-wait. The full set of brake lines cost me

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Go  Braided it makes it look so much better in the engine bay.


Oh and the quality is usualy far better. :huh:


God thats a beautiful engine....

got a picture of it up in my cubicle at work...

so jealous...

i hope i can have my car at that level some day...


My Beautiful Car


ribbon200.gifProud to be a G-car ownerribbon200.gif

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