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Ok for another year!

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Once again it was time for the MOT.......

and once again it passed :D

Couple of advisories on the brake discs (see the wanted section)

Emissions results are interesting:

Fast idle

CO - limit <= 0.20% actual 0.00%

HC - limit <= 200ppm actual 3ppm

Idle speed

CO - limit <=0.30% actual 0.00%

I assume he did the test with the engine running!!

So all set for another year.

Dave - 2000 Sport 350

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Congrats on your MOT!

Pardon by ignorance, what does MOT stand for?

What kind of car and how old the car need to go for this MOT?

If you fail your MOT you can't have the car on the road anymore?

As for us......In Singapore only those cars that is more than 5 year need to go for "Car Inspection" yearlyveryangry.gif

And every inspection we'd need to pay a sum of S$56.00 (26.00 Pounds),if you failed you need to pay and do it all over again.


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MOT stands for Ministry of Transport (test) and costs around £50.

Cars over 3 years old need this test yearly and you get a certificate that you need (along with proof of insurance) to get road fund licence (road tax), which allows you to drive legally on the highways. No test certificate, no road tax.

Sounds very much like your test.

Hope this explains


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