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Pat H

Fuel Tank Sender Unit

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I've been suffering for some time with a petrol smell from the right hand side tank, particularly bad when the tanks were full.

Despite the fact that the car has only done 28,000 dry miles, I came to the conclusion that the tank had rotted.

So, assuming the worst, I set about removing the tank yesterday. Pretty nasty job, to be honest.

I now have the tank on the floor of the garage.

The foam on the bottom was slightly damp. The foam on top was sodden.

It became clear that the tank isn't rotten, but that the cork gasket under the sender unit had split, allowing petrol to seep out pretty freely.

Two things.

Firstly, I could have sorted this without draining the tanks, removing the engine bay sidewalls, the airbox, air filter, fuel filler, various vacuum hoses, breathers, the seat belt and certainly without taking out the bloody tank.

So, check your sender unit gasket first if you get a smelly right hand tank.

Secondly, what would be the best petrol resistant gasket sealant I could use to beef up the cork seal and make sure that the damn thing never leaks again?



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Here's the offending article.

You can see where the petrol has been seeping around the sender unit and lifting the paint off the tank.

Close inspection reveals that the aperture in the tank into which the sender unit is screwed is not completely flat. Hopefully I will be able to find a thick cork gasket so that I can make the thing seal properly.


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Go and buy a pack of thin cork wall tiles...they're about a foot or so square and are extreeemly useful for gasket making. You'll be able to cut a suitable gasket from this material and it also works well for plenum chambers'll have to butt joint two tiles for that, but it works very well, and they're cheap, too!!

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Cork tiles may not be suitable for fuel, it will depend on the adhesive used in the manufacture of the tiles. You can get cork/ synthetic cork gasket material from motor factors or rubber retailers and you simply need to specify it has to be petrol resistant.

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