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Megamoss alarm in the S4

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Hi, in the Lotus manual it is explained how the alarm can be reprogrammed to another mode and how error codes can be read using a Tech 1. Because I do not have a Tech 1, nor the required cardridge, I'm trying to reverse engineer the protocol used by the Megamoss alarm.

I can initiate communication at 9600 baud using a 5 baud init (so not the 8192 baud used on the ECU/ABS/SIR ALDL), and then the alarm repeatedly puts out the following sequence (decimal values):





If I open the passenger door, 15 changes into 7 (or if I close the door, don't remember). So by opening the bonnet, boot, driver door etc. I will be able to figure out those bits. What I would like to know is the meaning of all the bytes,and how to change the country code, reset the error codes etc.

The goal is to add a mode to Espritmon to also communicate with the alarm, so all available systems are covered.

Any information is appreciated.



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