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Need help checking out 2 S4's - CO and CA, US

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Everybody, I'm looking at 2 long distance cars, both S4's. One is in Denver CO

area, another is north from LA CA.

I'm arranging for both checked by dealerships, but will really be glad to hear

owner/gearhead opinions. If you live in area, own S4/SE or similar and do not

mind expressing you opinion, please drop me a note to perelet at yahoo.

Also, is there a reputable repair shop to do buyers check in Denver area? All

that I found is Ferrari of Denver - I do not know if they are knowledgeable in

older cars.

PS. I do not know if this is appropriate place to post - feel free to move this post.


Oleg Perelet

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For the LA area, I'd recommend Lotus of Thousand Oaks. Their tech Richie is very good (came highly recommended by a few members from the board when I needed servicing). There is also Viking Motorsports (independant) which is in the Orange County area (opposite end from TO). Unfortunately I don't have much experience with the S4/SE's so not sure how much assistance I could provide, but I'm sure someone in the area with more experience will pop in with some suggestions, or even an offer to view the car up close.

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I've heard good things about Lotus Thousand Oaks, but Viking in Costa Mesa is probably one of the best Esprit shops in the country, and it's arguably worth having the car taken there for an inspection (I had my V8 sent to Viking from Central CA to be inspected and was worth every penny). If you post up some info on the LA car maybe someone here will know it etc.

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