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steering skitty

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my steering feels very skitty can feel every part of the road. having not driven any other esprits dont realy know how it should feel. however i dont think its right. had all susspension stripped over winter and rebuilt with new front shocks but used original springs, looked fine both same height. the tracking was miles out when i bought car so adjusted to 0. however the front tyres now have uneven wear thinking this might be the cause?? any more ideas

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Robin - Visit someone who has a 'Hunter' machine with geo details from the service manual and ask them to set your car. Sounds badly set up to me.

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Yes if the car was "miles" out on teo in/out for long enough the tyres will scrub to that, and yes will feel skitish until scrubed back to current toe in/out. Also toe in/out can be adjusted to alter turn in characteristics, I have mine in a pooftenth, but set parralel or close to it makes the car inclined to "tram" meaning it follows joins in the tarmac, ie were a strip of the road has been resurfaced the car seems to follow the join. Mine does this on a piece pf road just outside Uni, I did read somewhere that the Esprit is prone to doing this but I suspect it's due to later toe in/out specs.

The skitishnes should settle down quickly, if not yes take to steering place but mention the history before they start pulling it apart and charging like wunded bulls. Also read up on the alignment settings for the Esprit you may find you want to toe it in slightly.

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At just over 58k miles on 1990 SE, Mot required re-furb steering rack and a ball joint. Feels a lot better, Still i feel the tracking might new re-doing more accurate, feels like one wheel might wander.maybe thats the older of two ball joints. I am picky thothumbup.gif

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Every element of geometry can alter the handling, not just front toe, you have front caster (adjustable) front camber (adjustable on later cars/ early cars with later bits fitted), rear toe (adjustable, both independently), rear camber (adjustable later cars a/ early cars with later bits fitted) and set-back (front adjustable on some cars).

Then you get the impact of other components, steering rack, ball joints (and trunions on some cars).

Go with Robin's suggestion (although it doesn't have to be any particular brand of equipment it does need to be a 4 wheel alignment).

The dampers could make a difference, but get the geometry correct first.


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I have same feeling in front

I had replaced everything suspension wise and aligned to S4 specs and rebuilt the steering rack

and put on new tires

it was much better and very communicative; felt like a gokart

then I tracked it for 4 hours

that slight wear on the tires from the track makes it skittish now

read reviews for General Exclaim tires and found others opinions of these tires after track day to be poor

even though I can not discern any visible wear on the tires, they make droning noises while driving in a straight line

so even if everything else is spot on, the tires can elicit this behavior



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If they are not mono directional swap sides, one side will be more worn than the other, maybe won't help the noise but should help wear.

Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it. (Tom Leahrer)

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