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Exige Clutch

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Much to my amazement and that of anyone who knows me, yes I'm posting in a Technical section! :)

I'm starting to suspect that my clutch is getting long in the tooth. I'm pretty sure that the pedal is getting longer and longer. However, heres my questions:

1. Is it self adjusting? (I suspect all are now but I'm a numpty who knows very little about the workings)

2. Whats the life of a clutch? I suspect mine has been driven hard as a Lotus Company vehicle prior to me owning it and that will obviously make a difference.

3. If it is getting long, approx how much should I expect to pay?. It's due a 2nd year service as well so might as well get that done at the same time.

thanks guys.

p.s. Guy, please feel free to answer as it will prob come to you anyway!

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Hey Kimbers,

We very rarely need to change clutches, even with heavy use/high mileage so wouldn't think it has gone so soon. If the pedal is getting worse we would investigate external problems before embarking on a clutch change.

I will PM you in a while with the other info you requested.

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