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could the eclat make a racer? HSCC 70's road sports

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I have been watching Dan's exploits from afar, and looked into the eligibility of eclats and elites for racing. One championship that caught my eye was the HSCC 70's road sports championship. Restrictions are tight as the cars are meant to be pretty much stock with cages, and fast road pads - which stops the rich guys from buying success.

Class C within this structure is for glassfibre cars under 1301cc-2000cc, manufactured up to 31st Dec 1979.

I'm wondering if an eclat sprint could be made competitive as they are available for buttons.

eligible cars include:

Ginetta G21 (1725cc Holbay)

Lotus Elan S4 (1558cc)

Lotus Elan +2 (1558cc)

Lotus Eclat (1973cc)

Lotus Elite (1973cc)

Lotus Esprit S1 (1973cc)

Lotus Esprit S2 (1973cc)

Lotus 7 S4 (1558cc)

Lotus Europa (1558cc)

TVR 1600M (1599cc)

The regs are pretty tight, and include minimum weights for each model. Engines have to remain pretty much as stock, but polishing is allowed, calipers wheel width and gearbox must be stock or as used by the manufacturer in a similar car in period.

Wheels: Rim width may be up to 5 1/2" for classes C and E and up to 6" for classes A, B and D unless originally fitted with wider, in

which case the original widths may not be exceeded.

Brakes: Disc brakes, ventilated discs and multiple pot calipers are only permitted if a period specification for that model.

Discs may not be cross-drilled, grooved or ventilated, unless fitted as original.

Discs must be of original material specification and dimensions.

Calipers must be original production items, made of original materials and to original dimensions.


Carburettors must be of the same size, manufacture, number as original specification and located directly on to the original


for the 7's and Elans's the folllowing additional restrictions apply:

Lotus 7: Engines fitted must have been listed as original equipment in period by Lotus Cars for use in the Lotus Seven.

The maximum carburettor size is 2 x 40 DCOE (or equivalent) with maximum internal choke size 33mm. Alternatively, use of

2 x 1¼” S.U. or 1 x 1¾” S.U. is permissible.

Lotus Elans and Europas fitted with Weber 40 DCOE carburetors or Dellorto equivalent; the maximum choke size is 33mm.

Although, I think competition with the esprit's on a fairly equal footing is possible, the Ginettas, TVR's Elans, Europa's and 7S4's have a HUGE weight advantage.

plus points for the eclat sprint:

it uses twin 45's as standard with no additional choke restrictions. you can use the 3 pot calipers up front from the other models. Lower final drive (4.1:1). close ratio 4 speed ford box means gearing that is more suitable to circuits than esprits. Wider wheels and therefore wider rubber than the little guys can use (7J). Bigger engine by 400cc.

Given the restrictions on engines, realistically how much power do you think the 907 would need to make be competitive with the little guys? I reckon the lotus ford twin cams are probably making 140bhp... 170bhp from polishing and electronic ignition alone? Not sure if grinding the back off the cams to give higher lift is permissable.

Eclat sprints are available for buttons. I am thinking of buying a mazda bongo camper and a towing dolly (accomodation and recovery vehicle) and trying to do a series on a shoestring. Lotus bits can do a cage.


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I went to Spa with some 70 Road Sports drivers for the Classic 6 hour weekend in September - they all had TVR 3000Ms so in a different Class. Look on You Tube for Julian Barter he was last years Champ I think. All were great guys and very friendly

There were a fair few Elans and they went like stink - Peter Shaw/Paul Toombs etc. Probably worth going to watch one of the races over here (Oulton Park, Castle Combe etc)

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I contacted two guys who campaign elans and europas. They advised that the 1600cc twin cam can be built within regs to produce approximately 150bhp....which is quite scarey given their weight advantage. They also said cams and valves can be changed, so perhaps 180bhp might be possible from a 907 with a polish, a reprofiled cam and different valves? Adds to the cost however.

While I think an eclat sprint could be made to easily match up to 907 engined esprits. I stillt hink that competition with those little light guys would be tricky on the tighter circuits. Maybe on the faster circuits the larger capacity engine might be able to compensate at higher speeds, but those elans have a very small frontal area....

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This weekend there was an eclat running in HSCC70's roadsports!


Hats of to that man!


ok, he finished last, but it seems it was his first time on the grid. He should be applauded for making the grid in one of our cars.


Does anybody know Neil Brown? He is not someone I have met in eclat circles, but would like to have a chat with him at some point.


Also hopefull of popping along to see the 70's Roadsports series and see the car in the flesh. Donnington, Silverstone and Brands are coming up.


If anyone goes, - please take some pics and post them up! I've been scouring the net for pictures from this weekends race at Thruxton and there doesn't seem to be many. I certainly cant find any pics of the eclat.



edit - found him:

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I don't know if an Eclat could be made competitive within it's class, but maybe that isn't the whole point. You will probably get a race with someone and have loads of fun.

I raced for a season with the HSCC in 2005 (in historic Formula Ford) and found it to be a great club - great people, great camaraderie and great racing.

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Have a look at check out his photos for Thruxton 2015 70 road sports, quite a few photos of the race and Éclat on this professional photographers website.

Regards Dan

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