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Smoothing the G-body?

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from a styling point of view, one more thing I'd like to point out is that the more you blend body panel seams(not the mid body seam, as it's still got a scallop relief to it) but if you blend the panels like the rear body join, taillight piece, rear deck lip piece, a-pillars, etc,... the car really starts to have an undefinable plainness, or "kit-car" bathtub one-piece cast body look to it.... Gordonie did this to his "Mello Yello" and in person it looks cheap (just my opinion).... Oh, wait, just remembered that you are looking like you won't have those on the S2 body... except for A-pillars.

On another note, when you removed the bumpers of the photoshop image, I kept thinking that your car now looks like a Lancia, or Maserati from the late 70's...kinda short Rally car body-ish rather than high speed supercar.

All the best,


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I think we're soul mates. I couldn't agree more with the "more molding/shaving = cheaper looking" theory.

Cars are meant to have lines, and when you mold/blend body panels together you remove them and the car looks like a blob.

Here's an extreme case:


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One reason for me to post this question and doing the "photo shopping" of the picture is to get opinions about this.

I do really understand and appreciate that changing an other vice original car - even if it's my own car and I doubt if I'll ever sell it - would be like ruining a piece of automotive history. And I wouldn't want to do that. I have an old - original - Marcos 2 litre V4 (Essex) that I thought about change the engine in. The car is a gem on the road with its lowness, mid/front engine and sharp road holding, but the engine is nothing like a sports car engine. It's sluggish low-revving and fragile. But when I learned that my car was one of only four or five left in existence with that V4 I decided not to replace it. Even if it could be done without changing anything else on the car I feel that the car is such a special part of the Marcos history that I don't want to do it. Rather make the original as good as possible and keep it.

The Esprit on the other hand I bought as just a (relatively good) body and rusty chassis, together with an unoriginal 2.2 litre engine in need of a full rebuild.

This means it'll never become an original as such, even if I could collect the right parts for it and put them together to make a car looking, driving and sounding exactly like it did when it came from the factory.

I have decided that this is going to be a supercar that I can use on an every day basis (in the summer months) but without the bugs that driving a 30 year old Lotus often gives.

In my point of view almost any Lotus is brilliant on the road, with road holding, suspension and compliance in absolute master class, and most Lotuses have gorgeous looks. But (sorry if anybody is offended here) an older Lotus has more than it's share of reliability issues and when problems arise, at least some of the parts prices are a bit offensive.

What I have done so far is bought the chassis from an 84 Turbo, suspension arms and uprights from a V8, a modern reliable and powerful aluminium V8 engine of the same engine family as the Chevrolet Corvette - complete with engine management - and mated it to a transaxle from an Audi 2.0 tdi.

(There is a separate thread describing this under the "Esprit project and restoration room")

So the car is already very un-original in the mechanical department. But as I like the shape of the Esprit very much (always have) the idea was not to change it's personality. Something around the lines of the prototype and the S1 is more like what I had in mind. Will have the input from you guys in mind as well :-)

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As well as cutting off the waiste line trim I have removed the side repeater and filled the holes and also on the door for the mirror.

What I want to do is move the mirror to the triangular section on the window pillar. On my white S3 this is different to my other one where this has a black plastic triangular cover?? The measurements being 170mm x 150mm x 115mm. I think this will look better and also reduce the number of wires running into the door.

What I'm looking for is a mirror with a built in indicator that will look right (needs to be angular rather than rounded I think) with a similiar sized triangular base mount. If anybody can think of a suitable one let me know.

I have thought about these

but I would have to add a retro fit led strip for the indicator.

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I'm almost new here it the forum, but I'm Esprit fan for a while. I'm looking for an G-Turbo, but I can understand the wish to go back to the roots with the design.

If you really go in these deep mechanical transformations, you should also adapt the exterior to your ideas. I've googled a bit to find the prototypes that Giugiaro made, and your proposal goes in the same direction. And in the end of the day no Esprit is more original than Giugiaro's prototype :) .

There is one thing that I don't like on your photoshop pictures. You should really add some bumpers. It could really look like some other 70ies supercar like the Maserati Boomerang. The best would be to put some halfintegrated chrome bumpers like on the prototype. I really like that.

Here are some pics of the initial design:



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Hi Kaes

Yes the thought was to go close to the original Giugiaro concept, but I hadn't found any good pictures of the original.  The link you provided was useful, and I see what you mean with the bumpers.  I'll surely look into that before doing any work on the car.  One thing I'm quite sure of though is that the ears will be dealt with, and maybe replaced with a inward sloping side window/quarterlight the way the Stevens cars have.


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I agree with Frantic Franc...Have you seen my S1 ? lots of changes. I didn't buy the car with the thoughts of selling. I bought it cause I loved the Lotus esprit. I am also not a follower so hence my changes to make " my " car unique. I think if you do a good job on the mods and it doesn't look like someone threw a wad of bondo at it then you shouldn't have a problem re selling. Granted the guys who want a stock Lotus will need to look elswhere but you will always find guys /gals who love what you have done to your car and be willing to pay you for it...just my two cents.

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