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Seized Exhaust cam

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This car is REALLY testing my patience!!!

We have refitted the engine/box and finally got a good spark(Luminition control box packed up!)so going back to points/condensor worked fine,good spark,car started up,but after a short while stopped on idle,result being the exghaust cam seized in the carrier,inlet is fine,now its ruined and i need to get the cam/carrier replace,also its going to have the sump removed to check oil supply isn,t blocked as cams where a bit dry,not bone dry but not wet..but i have a few questions

The belt did not jump or strip any teeth and it gradually slowed down to a halt,did not suddenly stop,guessing the valves where saved??

Is it as easy to just buy a S/H cam/carrier and replace?? of course with all the correct timing and new belt

How tricky is it to replace the oil pump,we have fears this expired,but not sure what checks can be done?

I need help on this as i MIGHT be loosing the plot and i,am going a bit mad working on this car so is my poor dad who isn,t well in the first place..

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Hi David,

Sorry to hear about your trouble, the answer to the carrier is yes it can be replaced on its own, you can purchase a used cam carrier and camshaft from, I would remove the carrier and see what was going on, what sealant did you use! maybe you used to much and blocked the oilway, was the rubber o ring mis postioned blocking it! As for valves its hard to say without looking, but if the timing has not jumped you may be ok.

As for the oil pump you can replace the anulus etc, use feeler gauges as per the manula to check lobe clearances etc, I would be intrested to see what you find on this, . As said once stripped check the oil galleries for a blockage. Also you can spin the oil pump pulley with a makeshift belt attached to a high speed drill to see if its reaching the top end!

Regards danny


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