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Who says old Lotuses are unreliable


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Came across this article from Jalopnik which describes a trip made from San Francisco to Huntsville, Alabama, a distance of 2,700 miles in a Europa Twin-cam. They set off 2 hours after buying the car and made it home with only slight problems and they were caused by the driver hitting a big bump in the road.

Totally at odds with the Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious myth.

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Braver driver than I.

When I bought my Europa Special I drove it home 110 miles, and was hot and tired at the end of it. I found that getting reverse was (at best) problematic, so once when I needed to stop and then reverse I simply opened the door and pushed it backwards using my right leg. The steering rack was slightly loose on the chassis, so it meant it wandered in the lane, so that caused a lot of work by me to keep it under control. It was still fun, but could have been nicer.

2700 miles, just seems very VERY brave.

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When I bought my Turbo, all went well until I stopped for fuel....couldn't get the keys out of the ignition!! Ended up removing the filler cap keys from the keyring....took a day or so before I discovered the little button underneath the ignition switch. No car problems, though...not until that evening, when I took it round to show my brother and - on the way back - the fans all failed and the otter switch blew out!! Then a few weeks later the cambelt broke.....wish this forum had existed in 1988!!

The other example of newly acquired car idiocy was when I bought the Alfa Bertone GTV in 1971...drove it home, went to engage reverse to park, and couldn't find it...Nothing wrong with the car, I just didn't know where reverse was, and the gearknob was blank...had to take out the handbook and look it up!!

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The other example of newly acquired car idiocy was when I bought the Alfa Bertone

Say na more! :w00t:

Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it. (Tom Leahrer)

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Tony K needs to write something about his journeys in his blue S1. I know he's currently on his second 2185 mile round trip from Toledo to Orlando.

Thanks for the mention, Gavin! :veryangry: 454H turned 49k miles on Thursday or Friday, 50k miles on Sunday evening, and 51k miles late last night! Just returned this morning; it's sitting in my driveway right now at around 51300 - 51400. :)

Tony K. :)


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