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pipercross viper air filter

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This is from their website: "The reverse flow technology filter and 150mm ram pipe make use of the physical phenomenon of air tending to move towards surface area's, creating more air flow on the edge rather than in the centre of the inlet. The unique design of the filter cone and the inlet 'tune' the moving air flow to increase its speed and therefore its pressure maximising the laminar air flow into the engine, again resulting in increased power.

This is from their website

Does this make sense in regards to boundary layer theory?

Wouldn't the flow be fastest/ greatest, in the centre of the inlet? Perhaps I am interpreting it wrong. Thanks for your input. Lee

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I don't know what statement you want to make

I just installed the Viper 2 in my SE turbo

It cost me about 3 weeks work to rearrange everything

But from the side inlet too the turbo i have 100mm instead of the standard 80 mm

the Viper kit is 200 mm

the sound is'nt much louder although you can hear the turbo better

But the power boost is much better

i really didn't expect this much a difference

It's great


researche is something i do when i don't know what the hell i'm doing

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Just read an article on boundary layer behavior etc. w/ relative flow of either air or water. I am no expert on the subject, but Piper's statement makes it sound like the fastest air flow is along the inside surface of the filter housing instead of the fastest flow being in the center. Still, I may have interpreted it wrong, but I would like to use one of their filters and wanted a bit more clarification conc. that particular statement. I realize there are some benefits regardless. Don't want to make a big theoretical discussion though.Thanks, Lee

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Got any pictures of the install?


I copied a installation done before

you can see the pictures on his website


researche is something i do when i don't know what the hell i'm doing

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