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oil cooler

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Look on the web or look at merlin motorsports website, not sure what fittings are on the later esprit but the early esprits where 1/2"bsp thread and the oil cooler was 115mm 13 row, All you have to do is measure your old one and count the rows and find out what the connector/union size thread is, I personally find MOCAL oil coolers better they are on the merlin website they are a reasonable price and good quality with a good pedigree.

Regards danny

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The Stevens cars have a completely odd oil cooler set-up with the oil in and out being at opposite sides. I 'think' they might be lifted from a Saab or Scania or somesuch but are still stupidly expensive.

I replaced mine with conventional items. It took a bit of re-working of the area and some differing plumbing was required but the overall cost was buttons compared with using the 'correct' parts.

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