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Parking Sensors ! Reversing Camera ?

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Has anyone fitted parking sensors in their Esprit bumpers ? Bumpers are off at the moment so just a thought. These ones are really small @ 16mm so wouldn't look too bad. It would mean cutting largish holes in the back plywood to get the spring, washer & nut on though.

With Turbo spoilers blocking most of the view through the mirror I've also considered adding a camera. Somebody must have tried this already... No??

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Nicely hidden! Don't have the luxury of that positioning on the 'G' Esprit though.

As mine has a G body, I've put the camera in the O of Lotus in the bumper

Interesting idea - like to see a photo if you have one. . . Have you got one of those monitors that replace the mirror or mounted on the dash?

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Never felt the need, I guess you have somewhat more of an excuse with the G cars becuase of the rear visability but I'd find it more useful toi have a camera that judged the entry angle of a slope / proximity to the curb from the front !

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Never felt the need, I guess you have somewhat more of an excuse with the G cars becuase of the rear visability but I'd find it more useful toi have a camera that judged the entry angle of a slope / proximity to the curb from the front !

Well those small sensors would of course be perfect for 'saving' the front spoiler. Camera was really for rear view as the turbo louvre gives poor visibility with the mirror.

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My reversing camera is located and built in with my number plate frame. Then comes up to my ICE Sat/Nav.

Interesting Jonathan, never quite thought of that...but makes absolute sense...

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The rear camera:


front camera:


The Monitor with picture of my garage:




'88 Excel SE - monaco white

'99 Elise 111 - azure blue �

'87 TurboEsprit - calypso red

'02 BMW 325ci convertible - diamond black


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I used the set of 4 circular sensors in the e-bay advert on a Renault Laguna.

It only has an audible beep alarm that increases in speed as you get closer to an obstacle but it worked well.

I did think about fitting them on the GT3 but rather than modifying anything or drilling holes in the body I was going to make up small brackets and fit them in the gap between the rear bumper and the valance.

The camera option sounds interesting but I wouldn’t be so keen on looking at the monitor while I am reversing.

I prefer looking at what I can see over my shoulder and listening to the bleeps.

I would also be a bit concerned about having a DVD pop up unit in the car… wouldn’t want to give the oinks ever more cause to cave the window in!

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Took out my light pods today - f****ng little blighters arent they! Had to hack saw both wing pivots to get them out. Gave me an idea though why not mount reversing sensors in the pods?? I've read of people hanging tennis balls from their garage ceilings so they dont crack the front end on the wall so . . . Simply pop up the lights when parking and hey presto - no need to spoil the front bumper . . .

I'll have a play around while they are out and give you the results.

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Gave me an idea though why not mount reversing sensors in the pods??

:thumbsup: Because they're at the front of the car? Seriously, there are a million better ways to know where the front of the car is than bleepy sensors, don't do it! I use the 2x4 screwed to the floor technique, works perfectly, is 'multi car' and didn't involve drilling holes!

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Seen these ?

I know ppl who have rawl plugged a small bit of 1x1" wood to the floor as well.

I usually park the car and then push/pull it the next few inches if I need to fine tune the parking, or put a mark on the wall where the wing mirror draws parallel to.

If you're not going more than 5mph (and you shoudln't be) nudging the wall with the bumper isn't gonna cause any damage.

I can understand parking in an unfamiliar place but in your own garage you really shoudln't be driving into the walls :thumbsup:

Infact the light pods are a very good indication of where the nose is positioned (I use it sometimes in the day esp manoivering around my driveway) and also using the old converging light trick you can judge distance as the lights come closer and more into focus on an object - save your cash.

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Well my friend's Landrover has them on the front bumper and I'm sure other 'long nosed cars' use them too at the front so they can't be all bad??? There must be a problem otherwise why would I have read various member's techniques on avoiding hitting the garage back wall. When I got my white S3 there was a crack in the bumper where someone had hit something at low speed. It had pushed the fibreglass in (it had sprung back out but had popped off the paint at that point). also it had shattered the plywood inside as these are often half rotten anyway (which I rebuilt when I had them repainted).

Oh well only a suggestion - wish I hadn't mentioned it now . . .

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Oh dont be like that :thumbsup:

I (and Bibs just posted before) was trying to save you time, money and effort from putting in silly beepbeepbeepbeep things. In all honesty if you're head set on it just do it.

Prob with in the light pod is when the pod is down all you'll get is a constant tone "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep" as it picks up the fibreglass, unless you turn it off.

You also might find it gets the hump becuase of it's proximity to the bodywork below it as well - a lot of them detect kerbs (the ultrasonic wave goes out in quite a large cone) so in this case it'll detect your nose and give you a duff reading, meaning you need to remove them and repair your pods (ouch, sounds nasty).

As I say - if you are parking a lot in unfamiliar, dark lit places, good idea - if it helps...

But in your garage....if you're hitting the wall you'll be better investing in some of these :


(that is just a joke)

Believe me my garage the Esprit is in atm is tighter than a ducks arse - I have 2" clearance on each side on the entry and it's an angled approach. I also had to reverse park a great big 13 tonner into a matchbox at work and I bet thats longer than any car's nose I know of, I dont have fancy cameras and gizmos to help, so I do one of the following.

1. Push/pull the car the last few inches (didn't work so well with the truck, but thats how I do the Esprit, someone at Lotus was kind enough to make it light as well !)

2. Put a slight mark on the wall level with my head or the wingmirror so I know to stop (worked well with the truck)

3. Put a strip of wood on the floor to act as a stopper or use one of them overpriced garage mate things (trip hazard)

5. Get a big truck wing mirror from a breakers yard, stick it at 45 degrees in the ceiling and you can see the nose from there

6. Use the headlight pods themselves, they are perfect indicator where the nose of the car is, plus the light from the pod show the distance to a wall anyways.

The golden rule is to always back into a kerb anyways to avoid the lip being ripped off.

No-ones gonna disown you for fitting them - just that there are other ways to do it without drilling holes into the car and/or investing in a TV screen.

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My 1 ton diesel truck (Ford F350) has backup sensors and a rear camera, and needs them - it's 24 feet/7.5 meters long.

But when I think of enhancing the Esprit, backing up and parking aren't the first things that come to mind.

I also use the 'raise the headlamps' method for pulling into the garage.

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