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MOT : HORROR story !

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HI all,

it's been a while : very busy at work, very busy socially (wedding preps etc), but (lucklily) very busy on Lotus : got a 2003 Elise S2 111s now, and a very nice 1984 white Excel NA to add to my "collection" :)


needed to pass yearly MOT last week, and here's the story.

BE AWARE : warning before reading this : this is HORROR ! (well, for me :) )

Passed nearly all checks, but lights were offset ; can happen with pop up head lights, but then :

Final step : the guy puts the car onto a bridge to have a look at the steering & wheel mechanics, but the he tried to raise the car a little bit higher (as they do with any other car) with some lifting plates in the bridge : it is a 1m long and 40 cm wide plate, pushing the car up.

As you know, the Esprit is quite difficult to lift, there are only a couple of jacking pints to lift the car in a safe way.

Anyway, he lifted the car, and I heard loud cracking noise : he lifted the car on the body shell, more specific where the seats are (lowest point of the body) :)

Disaster, I thought :)

I went to complain at his boss, explaining that this kind of car cannot be lifted as any other, but I'm more worried about any damage. Filled in some papers to put an official "damage report", called Lotus Antwerp to have their advise. They advised me to have an expert having a look on the car, and eventually the car will need to pass Lotus to have an in depth expertise.

I'm really afraid the car has some damage, probably where the body is fixed to the chassis ...

No more news so far, I'm awaiting the expert to arrange an appointment to simulate what happened at the MOT station.

Fingers crossed for any damage, I will put the bill on the MOT's account, that's for sure !

I can assure you : it felt like someone was smacking one of my kids :( !

Luckily I remained calm, but I could have killed the guy doing this to my beloved Esprit !

Anyone having any idea what to look after ? Where could the damage be ? On first sight no damage, but I'm not an expert :)

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