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2010 Lotus Evora Road Test

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Good to see how it fits into "ordinary traffic scenes" although there isn't much technical review - except re the cruise control!

I would have liked at least to hear of the fuel consumption on such a trip. Also, surely all reviews now should specify which gearbox is fitted. It's not appropriate to think of the two options as "normal/close ratio". I believe that "overdrive/normal" would be the right terms, noting that even the optional shorter box gives slightly longer overall gearing than the Cayman S! On a trip such as this, combining aspects of high mileage and twisty Alpine routes, the gearing could affect the overall experience significantly.

Nice scenery though and worth watching.

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On a similar trip I had with the normal gearbox an average of 9 liters.

Highspeed Germany ... as possible due traffic: 10;

Mountains normal drive: 9,4;

Mountains powerfull 10,1;

highway with speed limit: 8,2;

highway cruising... 7,4

The absolut low was 7,1... (I took a picture with the handycamera)

So the consumption is mainly on your right foot. By the way: there is no difference between 95 octane and 100 octane feelable.

So after 15.000 KM the average is around 9,2 liters per 100 KM. (I am not often in the city)


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Thank you for that Anubis, very interesting.

I make your overall 9.2 litres per 100Km convert to 30.7 miles per gallon, as we usually put it in the UK.

Your highway cruising figure of 7.4 converts to 38.2 mpg. That's impressive!

I assume by "normal gearbox" you mean the standard one. (What I referred above to as the "overdrive" box.) From memory the overall gearings in 6th for the two boxes are about 31 and 27 miles per 1000 revs per minute, so for mainly top gear cruising the optional "close ratio box" (in Lotus terms) consumption would drop from your 38.2 mpg to about 33 mpg. Not bad at all!

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