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Code 26 diagnostics

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Dear LEF,

I introduced myself yesterday to the forum:

One issue I have is with a dreaded code 26. This appears directly at startup (well ca. 20 secs after)

Using espritmon I see this is a 'B' circuit fault. i.e. :

RPM Relay

AC control relay

Engine overheat relay

Throttle jack solenoid

Secondary injectors

My car is a '97 GT3 with no AC.

So I'm guessing I can rule out the AC control relay and the engine overheat relay (as I read this is only on the SE and ealry S4).

Firstly, is the above assumtption correct?

That leaves me with the RPM relay, throttle jack and the secondary injectors.

I tested the secondary injector resistor, and also the injectors themselves with a multimeter.

I got ca. 3 Ohms over the resitor (seems OK) and ca. 17 Ohms over each injector (seems high).

Any input?

Is the RPM relay the relay 'B' in the service notes (listed as Oil tell tale RPM inhibit)?

I'm figuring this is a case of simulating it with espritmon and listening for a click?

The throttle jack, looking at the manual it depicts this as looking the same as the wastegate purge solenoid.

Now as the GT3 does not have a EBPV should this solenoid look similar to the wastegate purge solenoid?

Because it doesn't....atall. Which makes me suspicous.

Can any of you give me some pointers as how to troubleshoot these?



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