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Before putting in my order I did check that an Evora would fit into my garage - and it does, though without much to spare through the door. More seriously, each time I've seen one at the local dealer, the question of it's width has crossed my mind, particularly when standing behind it. Will it be a problem in the lanes? And on another forum it has been commented on as "too wide".

However! I've just bought a Toyota Yaris (current model, albeit '57) and had reason to put it into my garage - Hey, watch those side mirrors! So I have just measured their overall widths, across the mirrors, edge to edge.


Evora 77.5 inches

Yaris 77.5 inches

Do your own metric conversions if you wish, but who cares! The Evora is no wider that an ordinary little runabout! (Apologies to Yaris owners - great car and I picked it from the alternatives too!)

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This did cross my mind as a potential owner, but the main concern for me was in car parks.

Does the Evora suffer from the same problem the Elise variants do, in that the doors have to be open wide in order to get in and out?

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Evora doors open very very very wide.

Park in a car park at your own peril.

Personally I am still parking at the far end of any car park where there is no chance of any muppets parking next to me.

So far I have remained lucky.

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I have tight garage with a 7 foot wide door (called that anyway not actual hole size) Going in I use nearside mirror as guide and keep it about 2cm from wood frame which gives me about <10cm or so maybe on drivers side but I don't have to worry as I know misses. Previous Boxster S was only 1cm narrower. This is to give me any chance of getting out of the thing. Wall now heavily padded. Seat goes fully back EVERY time I get in and out. Multi story car parks with tight spaces beware at your peril. I try and park next to pillars so more space for door and less likely a hit from Muppet.

Recently had to put sons previous shape Punto in garage for something and did same gap thing and car was actually wider than Evora by about 1cm.

HOWEVER where Evora differs is the rear haunches are almost as wide as the mirror extremes so whereas the Boxster or Punto rear end was clearing wood frame by plenty so I don't even remember it being an issue, the Evora rear is also only about 2~3cm clearance.

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Living in Tokyo, the most congested city in the world, the parking/width is a big issue.

Here is my situation.

My apartment has a parking lot where each slot is 2.4 – 2.5m wide. Mine is 2.45m and I can park my Evora without any problem. However, the car needs wider gap to get in/out than its width suggests, for it has very long doors and the door opens very wide. ( and the side sills, of course ). I park my Evora closer to one side than the other so that I have enough space on my driver’s side. Those who use slots on my sides usually park their cars as far from the Evora as possible because of its presence. ( So I guess )

I do not drive my Evora unless I am sure that there are parking lots that I can park the car without a problem. I just use train or subway. There are still many parking lots where an Evora simply won’t fit. But this is getting less and less a problem, for many people in Tokyo now drive a SUV or minivan wider than an Evora, and a parking slot is pretty wide in recently developed areas.

When I park in a city car park, I find a spot far away from others. When I have to park my car right next to somebody else ( which has not happened to the Evora, yet ) I always find a place next to a person with respect to a car. The clues would be;

1) He/she has a nice, expensive car

2) Keeps his/her car clean

3) Parks his/her car well in a right position

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What interesting responses! I hadn't thought about the door opening question although I've had several drives - but not starting out from a parking space! So the "characterful features" of the Evora are building up well!

My order includes Armourfend. I wonder whether it would be unsightly to have a thin strip put down the rear edge of the doors. It wouldn't help against the muppets parked beside - but could assist with any muppet moment from the driver!

By the way, having rather long legs, when getting out I have several times knocked my knee against the protruding bit on the facia edge after the door is open. But that's with plenty of space so I've not been taking care and doing it slowly. Obviously Lotus planned the overall matter carefully - how can we make people go slowly when getting out? Ah ha, we'll make the doors ...........!

I still looking forward to mine enormously!

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1. Doors open very very very wide (nod to Beady)

2. I'm 5'6" and the seat is slid back all the way every time to get in/out

3. Always park at end of spaces to allow room for doors, 4x4 owners and avoid cars with rear child seats - if not go home

4. Garaging in double width garage helps tremendously with tight spaces

5. "Does my bum look big in this?", only in the wing mirrors - if you can reverse park into spaces you have no problem with width judgement

The biggest inconvenience I'd say is the front overhang - many a time I've parked too far over a kerb to find I'm clearing it only by <1cm as the kerb slopes upwards only ever so slightly on2long.gif

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