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Custom cats and straight pipes

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I recently drove next to a ferrari 355 and my exhaust note was outmatched and i could not make a better noise with the current set up. So i custom made some test pipes with built in o2 housing and 2 straight 3" pipes and that was all for the exhaust department. The original muffler weighed 40-45lbs and the straight pipes are at least 30lbs lights and i'm awaiting to get on the dyno. The car now sounds like a true v8.

Cruising 2000-3000rpm

The most surprised improvement i noticed is the improved drivability and smoothness of the car. If your driving over 3000rpm and you let go of the gas, the car will not jerk from the increased airflow.

It is a very noticeable difference without the jerking and the car feels more modern and less rusty and the whole thing will only cost $500.

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Might be interested in your cats. What year did they come from, and are they still intact?

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