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Bedford Van engine mounts

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I picked up a set of engine mounts for a Bedford van and they are identical to the mounts on my S1 Esprit with the exception of the small tabs that help lock into the engine mount plates. So essentially, the mounts I have don't include the small tab on each side that you see in the image below. It seems like the tabs probably help from the rubber over rotating, but if they work for a Bedford van without the tabs then why not an Esprit? Has anyone used these with any luck or should I just buy another proper set?


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They are identical! The set I bought from a Lotus Specialist also didn't have the locating tabs so I'm assuming they're from the same manufacturer. I used the old set to mark the position of the tab on the new one then drilled a small hole and screwed in a self tapper with the same size head as the original tab. Job done! :getmecoat:


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Short info on the Bedford/Lotus connection:

When Lotus started designing their 907 engine, they discovered that the then new series of Vauxhall slant fours of 1.6 and 2 litres was very similar to their own design, except for the cylinder head. To shorten down the development process they made a prototype engine with the 2 litre Vauxhall short block and adapted their own 16 valve head to fit. New product called LV240 - Lotus Vauxhall 240 HP. After extensive testing in track / racing they found that among other problems there was too much difference in the ratio to which the iron block and aluminium head reacted to heating up and cooling down. They had to "bite the bullet" and develop their own block as well, and the 907 was borne.

But they didn't change more than they had to with the block, so you will find that more than a couple of components will be interchangable between the two engines. First of all the cranshaft, rods and pistons, allthough the valve pockets in the pistons may be different. But the bellhousing / gearbox unit from a Vauxhall fits a Lotus and the other way around. Am not sure, but think you may use a Vauxhall starter as well.

Vauxhall also used the 907 cylinder head on their own 2.3 block in the first versions of their Chevette HS rally cars.

So the engine mounts make sence.

Bedford has of course been a part of GM along with Vauxhall, and the Bedford CF used the 2.3 version of the same slant four...

A fun idea would be to replace the old iron engine in a CF with a high steam Lotus turbo engine and scare some unsuspecting road users? :getmecoat:

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Thanks Pete! I had that in mind so perhaps it's the best way to go...

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